HSTi Wireless Media Stick

It’s now 2011, and I’ve yet to have a high quality and reliable experience streaming media content between an Android device and a media player. I’ve tried docks, Bluetooth, DLNA, and cables with frustrating results.
Today, I had an opportunity to see a demonstration of an awesome new accessory called the Wireless Media Stick, manufactured by HSTi. The Media Stick is essentially a network bridge between a PC, Mac, NAS, or Android device connected to a WiFi router; and any media player with a USB playback port (i.e.,TV, DVD/Blu-ray player, game console, stereo, or digital picture frame).
On an Android device the Wireless Media Stick App streams videos, music, photos, or PowerPoint presentations - via the WiFi radio - to a Wireless Media Stick plugged into the USB playback port of a media player. The Android application provides full control over which folders and/or files are shareable.
HSTi demoed the Media Stick, at CES 2011, by streaming an HD movie from a Galaxy S tablet to a TV with a built in USB port and media player. Both devices were connected to an 802.11g (b and n are also supported) wireless network. Picture quality was perfect with no hiccups nor glitches.  
The Wireless Media stick is available now for $119 at www.hsti.com. The free Android app will be available on January 31. The company is also working with carriers on OEM opportunities.