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We know why you probably wouldn't buy the HP Slate 7 -- in short, an extra £30 gets you a Nexus 7. But, for anyone who does fancy picking one up, we now have a UK release date, price point, and the facility to get your pre-order in now. 

The Slate 7 has been listed in HP's UK store for release on May 1, at the pretty low price of £129. You can pre-order one as we speak, but sadly the fetching red one we first saw at Mobile World Congress isn't available. No, UK buyers only looks to be able to get the silver one right now. 

If you want one, then great, head on over to HP and place your order. However, considering there's a good chance we'll see an update to the Nexus 7 at Google I/O -- also in May -- the Slate 7 might find itself too late to the party. 

Source: HP