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HP ePrint app brings FedEx Office Print&Go service to Android

HP has updated its Android ePrint application, bringing support for FedEx Office Print&Go, a service that allows users to print documents from their smartphones at over 1,800 FedEx locations nationwide. According to the app's Market description, the service uses GPS (or manual-input keywords for those afraid of the eye in the sky) to sync your documents with any participating self-service copier, which you can then use edit and print at will.

Version 1.01, available in the Android Market now, supports printing Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, images, plain and rich text, Adobe PDF, and HTML. Hit the link after the break to download.

  • >"supports printing Word docs, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets [...]" What about ODF: Writer docs, Impress presentations, Calc spreadsheets?
  • Pretty sure its just the ones listed in the article. I work for FXO and all the documentation we have on it doesn't say anything about ODF. Don't think the BB and iOS versions were able to read those formats either. I can say its pretty quick and painless. More so than most of our systems.