Known more in the past for Windows (and Windows Mobile) devices, computers, printers, then a failed enterprise with webOS, HP how believe it or not makes Android devices as well as Chromebooks. Steering more towards tablets, than phones – though some of said tablets can operate as a phone – HP generally builds low and mid-range Android devices with a relatively pure software experience.

In 2010, HP acquired Palm and everything within it. In 2011, after launching only the HP Veer, HP Pre 3 and HP Touchpad, the company announced it was to discontinue its mobile business and webOS was no more – though the platform was subsquently sold on to LG for use on some pretty nice Smart TVs.

And here we are in the present day and HP makes Android devices. There are a range of tablets at all different sizes, including the VoiceTabs that operate at 6 inches but also have a phone built in.

On the Chromebook and Chromebox Front, HP has delivered a range of solid devices at great prices.