Known more in the past for Windows (and Windows Mobile) devices, computers, printers, then a failed enterprise with webOS, HP how believe it or not makes Android devices as well as Chromebooks. Steering more towards tablets, than phones – though some of said tablets can operate as a phone – HP generally builds low and mid-range Android devices with a relatively pure software experience.

In 2010, HP acquired Palm and everything within it. In 2011, after launching only the HP Veer, HP Pre 3 and HP Touchpad, the company announced it was to discontinue its mobile business and webOS was no more – though the platform was subsquently sold on to LG for use on some pretty nice Smart TVs.

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And here we are in the present day and HP makes Android devices. There are a range of tablets at all different sizes, including the VoiceTabs that operate at 6 inches but also have a phone built in.

On the Chromebook and Chromebox Front, HP has delivered a range of solid devices at great prices.