How to watch Niall Horan Live at the Royal Albert Hall: Stream the virtual concert live from anywhere

Niall Horan Live Hero
Niall Horan Live Hero (Image credit: @NiallOfficial on Twitter)

Niall Horan fans who have been yearning to see the former One Direction band member perform live are getting that chance this weekend as the popstar takes the stage at the Royal Albert Hall in London for a special, one-night-only performance. If you're hoping to learn how to watch the show or need help accessing the stream in your area, we've got you covered.

Live virtual concerts are reaching the next level in 2020 as promoters seek to cover the financial disparity due to thousands of cancelled shows, but it's inevitable that some of that cost is passed on to the audience. This year, we've been seeing more and more livestreams which require a ticket if you want to attend and Niall's show is yet another. You'll need to purchase your ticket in advance for $20 if you don't want to miss the live performance. The price may be adjusted in your area due to currency conversions.

Niall Horan live: When and where

Niall Horan: Live at the Royal Albert Hall will have four different showings so that fans in all time zones will be able to watch at a time that's appropriate for their daily schedule. The first livestream airs on Saturday, November 7 at 8PM GMT/ 9PM CET while the following livestream on the same day begins at 8 PM EST / 10 PM ART & BRT. A third livestream will occur on November 7 at 8 PM PST. Finally, your last chance to catch the show will be during Livestream #4 on November 8 at 8PM AEDT / 10PM NZDT / 6PM JST & KST.

Make sure to visit Ticketmaster now and buy your ticket for the showing that works best for you so you're ready once the show is live. If you're having trouble accessing the stream once it goes live, you should check out these cheap VPN services.

How to watch Niall Horan live stream

This Niall Horan concert will be one of the easiest performances to attend. You should be able to watch the livestream on most mobile devices, tablets, and computers, and likely even your smart TV by simply using the web browser to access the site Ticketmaster sends ticket holders to when it's time for the show to begin. Check your order details after purchasing your ticket for more information on how to access the stream.

The Niall Horan concert is being streamed worldwide, though if you're still having trouble accessing the stream due to a location restriction, you may need to try out a VPN service to watch the show. Luckily, there are plenty of stellar options available to choose from.

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No matter where in the world you may be, a VPN is one of the easiest ways to watch Niall Horan's virtual concert live. Get in on this deal now!

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