How to watch Dominic Fike perform live: Stream the Fortnite Party Royale concert from anywhere

Dominic Fike Fortnite Hero
Dominic Fike Fortnite Hero (Image credit: Epic Games)

Following last month's release of his debut album What Could Possibly Go Wrong, Dominic Fike will be taking the stage to perform live for fans and gamers alike within Fortnite's Party Royale virtual concert space. Though traditional concert venues are currently closed across the globe, Fike's virtual performance will be available to stream worldwide as he performs his latest songs live for the very first time.

Along with the recent hit single "Chicken Tenders", fans can expect to see Fike perform tracks like "Vampire" and the song which brought him to notoriety, "3 Nights". Earlier this year, Fortnite's Travis Scott concert presentation smashed in-game records with over 27.7 million players watching and led Fortnite to the creation of its new concert series in which Fike is just the first of many performances to come. The live show will be broadcast from a new LA studio which was built specifically for in-game concerts and is scheduled as a full performance rather than a short set.

Fortnite Party Royale Concert Series Spotlight presents Dominic Fike: When & where

Fortnite's 3-week Party Royale Concert Series Spotlight begins this Saturday, September 12 with a live performance from Dominic Fike starting at 5 p.m. ET / 10 p.m. BST. While future performers have yet to be announced, the concert series will continue on Saturday nights for the following two weeks (September 19 and September 26). If you miss the live broadcast, Fortnite is giving fans two more opportunities to watch the show.

  • Dominic Fike Live Premiere - Saturday, September 12 @ 5 p.m. ET
  • Encore - Saturday, September 12 @ 11 p.m. ET
  • Encore - Sunday, September 13 @ 1 p.m. ET

How to watch Fortnite Party Royale Concert Series Spotlight presents Dominic Fike live from anywhere

This weekend's event takes place inside Fortnite so you'll want to make sure you've fired up the game several minutes early to ensure you don't miss a minute of Dominic's performance. Once the game is on, you'll want to navigate to Fortnite's Party Royale island by pressing the 'Change' box in the bottom-right corner of the Lobby screen and selecting the "Party Royale" mode. The performance will be shown at the Main Stage so be careful not to get lost!

Fortnite's Party Royale mode is available on Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use an iOS device or MacBook to access the show. If you're new to Fortnite, be sure to download it for free now so that you're ready once the show begins!

You'll need to ensure that your game is running the latest version of Fortnite, so be sure to check that early if you're already a Fortnite player and update if necessary. If you are unable to access Fortnite locally due to an IP ban or location restriction, try out a VPN service like ExpressVPN so you can gain access today.

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