2021 Pro Bowl live stream: How to watch the virtual Madden event from anywhere

210122 Nfl Pb Roster Am
210122 Nfl Pb Roster Am (Image credit: NFL)

COVID-19 is forcing a big change to the 2021 Pro Bowl. Instead of the standard football game played between the NFC and AFC sides, this year's will be a virtual one happening with four representatives from each conference playing one quarter of the video game Madden NFL 21.

It won't be the same as normal, but there's still a chance it turns out even more entertaining than previous years. There's a lot at stake to stay healthy and not get injured during a meaningless game so the action is typically more subdued than normal weeks during the season. Eight people trashing-talking each other and playing Madden might work out just fine as a way to provide some entertainment.

On the AFC team will be Derrick Henry, Deshaun Watson, Snoop Dogg, and Keyshawn Johnson. The NFC team will be Jamal Adams, Kyler Murray, Bubba Wallace, and Marshawn Lynch. Why are there non-football players one each team? That's a good question.

Each person will go head-to-head against the other team and play a five-minute quarter of the video game. The match ups of who will be playing who hasn't been announced yet. Assuming things get back to normal next year, the Pro Bowl will go back to an in-person game and will be played in Las Vegas.

2021 virtual Pro Bowl: when and where

This year's virtual Pro Bowl will stream live on Sunday, January 31 at 5 PM ET. It will be available on the NFL's YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook pages as well as EA's Madden NFL Twitch page.

Watch the 2021 virtual Pro Bowl from the US

The NFL Network will re-air this virtual Pro Bowl after the fact for people that want to tune in like any other scheduled program, but this is an online, streaming event first and foremost.

You'll have your pick of where you want to stream this Pro Bowl match as it will be available on a number of different social platforms. You can watch on the NFL's YouTube channel, Facebook Page, or EA's Madden Twitch page.

To watch the re-airing on the NFL Network you can tune in on Sling Blue, $30/month.

Sling is offering free access to the inauguration live stream for anyone who wants to watch it. You don't need to enter a credit card number or anything to tune in.

Watch the 2021 virtual Pro Bowl from anywhere

There are plenty of free ways to access virtual Pro Bowl from around the world. For those Madden fans who can't tune in directly for various reasons might be better served with a work around.

That's where one of the best VPNs (Virtual Private Network) can really come in handy. They allow you to virtually change the IP address of your laptop, tablet or mobile to one that's back in your home country which will let you watch as if you were back there.

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Here are some other VPNs that are on sale right now.

Watch the 2021 virtual Pro Bowl from Canada

Those in Canada eager to see the Pro Bowl events should be able to tune in via YouTube. If you'd prefer a different network's stream you can take advantage of a VPN option to gain access to Sling or other network's coverage.

Watch the 2021 virtual Pro Bowl from UK

Similar to Canada, the best option for expats or anyone abroad looking to keep up with the events of the inauguration will be to tune in via YouTube. While Sling TV is only available for U.S. subscribers, there may be a VPN solution that can help you gain access to the NFL Network.

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