How to use photo mode in The Division 2

More and more games are allowing players to take their own photos of in-game actions and save them to peruse or edit at another time. Despite the limitations of implementing such a mode in a shared-world game where the action can't be paused, Ubisoft opted to include it in The Division 2 for players to try out and enjoy.

How to use photo mode

Accessing the photo mode is simple.

  1. Press the Options button on your DualShock 4 controller to open up the game's menu.
  2. Hold down the Square button to select its photo mode.

Once the photo mode opens up, you're free to tweak different settings like the contrast, saturation, zoom, focus, and a lot more. Basically, you'll get the usual offerings that a photo mode has.

Is there any way to pause the game in photo mode?

Unfortunately, no. With The Division 2's world being inhabited by other players it's impossible to completely pause the game. This will be disappointing for some who wish to take the perfect picture, but on the other hand, it also opens up new opportunities to take incredibly action shots at the moment. Just try not to get caught in a firefight with your virtual camera out and let your team down.

Where do I access my saved photos?

There isn't a designated menu within the game that houses your photos. Instead, any photos you take in The Division 2 on PlayStation 4 will be saved locally on the console's storage. A copy of all of your photos captured will also be uploaded to Ubisoft's servers.

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