Glasses always seem like they're in the way of our headsets when we're trying to find the perfect fit. Sometimes, even if we get the headset to stay on our face with our glasses on, it's still not comfortable. So here's a step-by-step guide on how to use glasses, or replace the lenses, with your Oculus Go!

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Putting on your headset with a pair of glasses

  1. Make sure your glasses are on your face and comfortable.
  2. Pull the Oculus Go strap over the back of your head while holding the headset to the top of your forehead.

  3. Pull the Oculus Go headset away from you until it's past your glasses, then pull over your glasses.
  4. Adjust the headset & glasses accordingly to find your perfect fit now that it's all in position.

When it comes to putting on your headset over a pair of glasses the trick really comes down to putting on the strap first. You want to navigate the headset from the headset, not the strap. This will make sure you're not dragging your lenses over your screen to prevent scratches.

Adding prescription lenses to your Oculus Go

  1. Gently pull the liners off of your lenses.
  2. Remove the interface from the headset.

  3. Insert the custom spacer from your prescription lens box.
  4. Re-apply your interface to the headset.
  5. Press your lens covers in over your interface.

That's it! A lot more simple than you thought it would be, right? Now you'll have your own lens in the headset without ever having to worry about fitting your glasses over it and risk some potential scratches.

The best option for you

If you're interested in protecting your headset from all the potential scratches it may be best to upgrade to the prescription lens. The price is well worth the outcome as you won't have to deal with any of the problems we normally do with glasses in VR.

Prescription lens

VirtuClear Lens Inserts

The perfect fit for your headset

These lens inserts are perfect for a quick and easy fix. Not only was the process of getting them attached super easy, but there wasn't any glare or weird focus on the glass either.

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