How to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S3

Capturing the screen is a great way to save something for posterity and show it off to your friends.

You just got your brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 and you want to capture some of the cool stuff you can do with a screen shot, but it doesn’t work the same way as other Android phones, does it?

If you came to the Galaxy S3 from a prior Android phone, you are most likely familiar with the “Android way” of capturing a screen; you hold down the Power button and the Volume down button simultaneously and the screenshot is captured and saved.

Saving a screenshot on the Galaxy S III: Method #1

There are two ways to capture a screenshot on the Galaxy S3; neither of them are the same as previous Android devices. For method #1, think iPhone – that is the button combination that will work on the Galaxy S III.

  1. Find the screen that you want to  capture
  2. Press and holdboth the Power button and the Home button together
  3. Screenshot will be captured and saved to the Gallery app


Saving a screenshot on the Galaxy S III method #2

Samsung has built a bunch of innovative “motions” into the Galaxy S III – we will cover them all in time here on Android Central

One of the innovative motions is the ability to use your palm to swipe over the screen to capture a screen shot. This just needs to be enabled in your Settings app.

NOTE: This might already be enabled on your Galaxy S III, if not, follow the steps below:

  1. Pull down the Notifications tray and touch the Settings icon or simply go to the Settings app on the Home screen
  2. Scroll down to the Motion tab and tap it
  3. Make sure there is a check mark in the top Motion activation box
  4. Scroll down to Hand motions
  5. Make sure there is a check mark in the Palm swipe to capture box

That’s all there is to it.   From any screen, use the side of your palm and just swipe across the screen.  It doesn’t matter if you go from right to left or left to right – either way will work just fine.

Go to your Gallery app and look in the Screenshots album and you will find the screenshots you just captured.

From there, you can email them, post them to Facebook, send via messaging, upload to Dropbox (opens in new tab) – whatever works best for you.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I don't understand what was so hard about the Power + Volume Down combo. I thought Samsung was trying to make it easier by putting the Power button on the right side, but I guess not. Oh well. This isn't too bad…I just don't get why the change was necessary. If anything it seems like they'll get more complaints from Apple.
  • power and home method is the same on the one x
  • The GSII was the same. Power +home button. Been doing that since last year. Love the swipe method. People without a GSIII will look at me like im nuts lol
  • Where can I find that wallpaper of the rolling hills for my GS3?
  • Not sure what resolution you'd need, but it should be here somewhere:
  • I'm still looking for the rolling hills - once I put on live wallpaper - it disappeared from the GS III - but here are some other wallpapers for the GSIII that are "stock" but not on every device (I guess it depends on country and carrier):  
  • Power +Volume down wasn't standard until ICS, so 90% of users weren't used to that "android way". Like sndplace says, it was the same on GS II. Like all the people that complain the buttons go menu, home, back, and don't follow the Galaxy Nexus on the GS III, Samsung made other phones before those two, and people are confused they maintain their design decisions in a time where there was no standard. But, Apple revolutionizes every time they do that.
  • The problem with the new motion option is that it is enabled even on the lock screen. If you keep your phine in your pants pocket, it is very likely you will hear a camera click as you sit down or move around. Found out this little embarassing fact in the stall of a public bathroom.
  • I cannot get the button-press method to work. It turns off the phone's screen every time. Any hints?
  • Like YODA said, "NO there is another" I think there is another way also
    put your hand on the screen, like a katate chop & slide it
    we can do this in the Note & im sure on S3 also it can be done :)
  • I tried this on a Samsung Galaxy Note with ics 4.0.4. Swipe 3 fingers sideways down to up or up to down, I think this is the easiest. This might also work in S3.
  • Just got my Galaxy S3, been trying the swipe method, doesn't seem to work. Anyone know why?
  • I just tried and it works! You have to hold your hand in the form of a karate chop and slide across the screen. Fingers do not work.
  • I just tried the swipe method. Super Cool!!!
  • too bad on the s3 mini I have the motion could be used for other functions as well like Web Posted via Android Central App
  • Can't do the simultaneous button or palm swipe method on my SIII Mini. What's the problem?
  • Palm swipe is not an option on the mini but I got the button combo to work on mine. It takes a second to capture but it works.
  • In my Android 4.3 screenshot works when I click home+power key
  • Havent known this. It worked on my note 3 but it doesnt save to gallery but copies to clipboard. Then I have to paste it on some image editing app. Or donow how to proceed from clipboard.