How to take an ECG reading on your Samsung Galaxy Active 2

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Ecg
Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Ecg (Image credit: Chris Wedel/Android Central)

The Samsung has finally flipped the switch to take an ECG on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 with a new software update. This has been one of our favorite Android smartwatches since it was released, and today, if you have a Samsung Galaxy phone and the Galaxy Watch Active 2, you can start monitoring your heart with ECG, electrocardiogram, readings from your wrist.

How to take an ECG reading on your Samsung Galaxy Active 2

  1. Download and install the Samsung Health Monitoring app from the Galaxy Store onto your Galaxy phone.
  2. With the watch on your wrist, open the Samsung Health Monitoring app on the watch.
  3. Following the directions on your watch, rest your forearm on a table or chair. Source: Chris Wedel/Android Central

  1. Hold your index finger in the top button of the watch, careful not to press it.
  2. The watch will detect your finger and begin the reading.
  3. Hold still with your finger on the button for 30 seconds.
  4. When the reading is complete, you'll receive a notification on your phone to review the results.

Within the app, there are four categories that readings from your watch will fall into sinus rhythm, AFib, inconclusive, and poor reading. The app will give you definitions of each section with some disclaimers as well.

While the FDA has approved this feature, it isn't the end all be all for detecting heart conditions. You can export your reports from the app so that you can share it with a medical professional.

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