How to share multiple PlayStation 4 screenshots

Hero PS4 Pro DualShock
Hero PS4 Pro DualShock (Image credit: Android Central)

The share button on the PlayStation 4 controller has made taking and sharing captures in a game easier than ever before. Still, many PlayStation 4 users don't know that you can actually share multiple PlayStation 4 screenshots at a time. If you'd like to start sharing more than one picture each time you post on Twitter, here's how.

How to share multiple screenshots

There are two slightly different ways to share multiple screenshots. In both methods, you can share anywhere from two to four screenshots. The first method works if you already have all the screenshots you want to share.

  1. From the PlayStation 4 home screen, select Capture Gallery.

Source: Android Central / Samuel Tolbert (Image credit: Source: Android Central / Samuel Tolbert)
  1. Navigate to the first image you want to share.
  2. Move the cursor over the image and press the Share button.

Source: Android Central / Samuel Tolbert (Image credit: Source: Android Central / Samuel Tolbert)
  1. Now, before customizing the tweet you'll share, select Change Selection.
  2. Choose additional screenshots to share.

The second method is for if you've just taken a new screenshot and immediately want share it alongside other captures.

  1. Having just taken a screenshot, choose to Share it
  2. From the options of where to share it, select Twitter.
  3. Select Change Selection.
  4. Choose up to three additional screenshots to share alongside your most recent capture.

While it may not be the most intuitive setup, being able to share multiple screenshots at a time means you don't have to spam your followers' feeds in order to share every cool picture you take, especially with so many games now shipping with a photo mode.

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