How to Share a Kano Creation with Friends

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Creating things with code has never been easier thanks to Kano. You can create music, art, and even your own video game if you so choose to. This can then be uploaded to Kano World, a free, online community that allows you to share your creations with everyone. But, what if you want to only share your creation with friends, rather than everyone else? In this guide, we'll show you just how to do that.

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How to share your Kano Creations with a friend

  1. Alternatively, if you've not got a Kano World account, sign up.
  2. Click on New Creations. You will be taken to a new screen.
  3. Make your creation, whatever you decide to create.

  1. Once finished go to the right-hand corner of your webpage.
  2. Click save.
  3. A screen with the following content will be brought up — click Get share link.

  1. Copy link that's generated.
  2. Rejoice! You're now able to send your creation to your friends through email or social media.

After you're finished, you should be able to use the link provided to send your creation to a number of different people — including your friends. Your friends then should be able to click on the link and then play your creation for themselves. Your creation is also saved in the 'Your Creations' folder in Kano World, so if your friend loses the link, you've always got a way to send them another.

Our top equipment picks

The Kano Computer is pivotal in helping beginners how to code, and while it isn't strictly necessary to access Kano World (as mentioned above), it is still an important piece of equipment that can help newcomers with coding. It also is ideal for children who want to create their own computer without having to break the bank.

Additional Equipment

The additional add-ons here are mandatory in order to access 'Your Creations' and thus, share it with your friends.

Kano World (Free at Kano)

Kano World is a free, online community that is run by Kano staff. Here you'll be able to access your creations, compete in challenges, and then share them with the rest of the community.

Aimee Hart