Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and S9+

Samsung has streamlined its setup process in the last few generations, but there are still several extra steps compared to other phones as Samsung injects its own steps alongside Google's. The process is self-explanatory, but we have all of the information and tips you need to know about as you go through each step.

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How to set up your Galaxy phone

  1. Start by selecting the language you'd like to use for setup — you can change this later.
  2. Connect to a Wi-Fi network. You can skip this step and use mobile data, but it's best to use Wi-Fi for initial setup since it uses lots of data.
  3. Agree to all of the Samsung terms of service — and no, you don't have to consent to diagnostic data if you don't want to.
  4. After the phone checks for software updates, you enter your Google Account email and password.

    • If you have two-factor authentication, you'll be asked for a code — so have your secondary device to hand.

  5. After sign-in, you can choose which data and apps to restore from your Google account.
    • If you have multiple phones on your account, you can choose which one to use.
    • Apps and data will start downloading in the background as you finish setup — downloads will continue for 10-30 minutes.
  6. Set up your preferred security method — fingerprint is advisable, and you'll have to set a backup method like a PIN or pattern.
    • On modern Samsung phones, "Intelligent Scan" is also a good option that uses both your irises and face to unlock the phone — but it isn't as secure as a fingerprint.
  7. Agree to Google's terms of service, and then review "additional apps" from Samsung to install — you can always install these later if you wish.
  8. Sign into or create a Samsung account — it's an annoying extra step, but you'll want to have one later, so you might as well do it now.

    • A Samsung account is used for downloading and updating apps from Galaxy Apps, and using Samsung's cloud products.

After all of those steps, you're dropped onto the home screen of your phone to get acquainted with everything. How you configure everything from this point on is up to your personal preferences. Get all of your apps installed and set up just how you like, configure your home screen, and dive into the settings to find all of the little tweaks you want to make. Over time, your phone will become just as unique as you.

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