How to set up voice chat in Among Us

Among Us Wandering Halls
Among Us Wandering Halls (Image credit: Innersloth)

Communication is key if you're trying to find out who among you is the Imposter in Among Us, the latest viral multiplayer hit available on PC, Android, and iOS. In Among Us, crewmembers must work together to figure out which of the players is the imposter, while imposters must do their best to lurk in the shadows and take out the crew. It's a very tense and very fun game that's perfect for parties and gatherings, whether physical or virtual.

Currently, Among Us doesn't feature any in-game voice chat, but there are some options if you want to talk with your group.

Use a third-party voice chat

Just because Among Us doesn't feature in-game voice chat doesn't you can't voice chat with your friends, you'll just have to do it through other means. There are plenty of third-party chat apps to choose from, but the most versatile is Discord.

Discord is a communication app that allows you to create chat rooms for just about every need. It's the perfect place to host invite-only gatherings with all your friends. It's very simple to use, as well. Discord works well on your phone as well as your computer, so you shouldn't any problems connecting one another no matter which platform you play on.

Come together

Among Us Lobby

Source: Innersloth (Image credit: Source: Innersloth)

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best one. Among Us was originally envisioned as a game to be played in the same room, so why not honor the developer's intentions? Communicating in real life opens a range of complexity that might be lost over voice chat. I hope you have a good poker face, cause discussions might get heated.

Just make sure you maintain social distancing guidelines while you do it.

Someone lurks Among Us

Whether you're the imposter hunting down the crew or the crewmembers trying to keep the ship together, Among Us is a fun social deduction game that's sure to be a hit at your next virtual or real-life get together. Just make sure that you set rules to accommodate your way of play. If you're using Discord, for example, dead players should mute themselves so that they don't tell everyone who killed them. And don't forget to utilize the text chat to communicate with players who are not in your in your custom made chat room.

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