Does Among Us support cross-play?

Among Us Crew
Among Us Crew (Image credit: Innersloth)

Best answer: Yes, Among Us is cross-play, which means you can play with your friends no matter what device they're on.

  • On PC: Among Us ($5 on Steam)
  • On your Android: Among Us (Free download on Play Store)
  • On your iPhone: Among Us (Free download on Apple Store)

You wouldn't lie, would you?

Among Us is the latest viral sensation to catch the eye of gamers everywhere. Released on iOS and Android as a free game and PC for $5, Among Us is a social deduction party game much like the popular party game Mafia. Up to 10 players must work together to repair their ship while an imposter lurks among them, stalking and killing crew members while avoiding detection.

It's a tense party game that forces players to form tenuous alignments to find and stop the killer and shoot them into space. That is, unless you are the imposter. If that's the case you're job is to simply kill them all and sabotage the ship. Watch your back, ask the right questions, and you might make it out alive.

Among Us is the perfect game to play with friends, so you might be asking yourself if it supports cross-play. Here's the good news: No matter what device you're on, you can play with your friends in Among Us.

How to invite friends for cross-play

Among Us doesn't have a friend system, so you won't be sending invites directly to your friends to play with them. However, you can still join a friend's lobby. When a player joins or creates a room, they'll see a randomly generated code right underneath the number of players in the lobby. That code is unique to the lobby, so send that to the friends you want to play with.

In order to join, head to the main menu and select Online Play, and then Private. Enter the code into the box and you will be placed in the same lobby as your friend. Now you'll be able to customize your character and chat with other players until the host starts the game. It's really that easy.

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