How to set up priority notifications for your home security system

Nest Secure
Nest Secure (Image credit: Google)

When your home security system needs to tell you something, chances are you'll want to listen. Here's how to make sure you get those critical notifications you need.

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Setting priority notifications

We're using the Nest app and the Nest Secure for demonstration purposes, but the process is the same for the Ring Alarm. too. There may be slight variations in the settings menu names, depending on your model of Android, but the overall process is the same. And to be clear — you might not need to do this at all. For obvious reason, an app of this sort should properly prioritize alarm notifications. But if you've messed in the settings, or something seems off, this is where to start:

  1. On newer versions of Android, you may need to look for Apps & Notifications in the list.
  2. If you see a list of Recently opened apps scroll down and open the link to See all of your apps.
  3. Find the Nest (or Ring) app in the list and tap it to open its settings.

  1. In the next window, tap the section labeled Notifications to enter the app's notifications settings.
  2. These instructions apply to all the notification categories you see listed, but we're interested in the Alarms section. Tap it to open the Alarms notifications category settings.
  3. Make sure the Show Notifications switch is enabled and tap the field labeled Behavior.
  4. Select Make sound and pop on screen from the choices presented. the window will close once you've made a selection.
  5. Tap the field labeled Advanced and the page will expand.

  1. Choose the options that will best alert you. We recommend you enable Override Do Not Disturb so that notifications will always sound and be displayed.

Whenever your Nest system (or Ring Alarm) sends a notification from the Alarm category your new setting will apply and you'll be better able to see it and respond.

Our top equipment picks

Smart alarm systems work great with your Android phone and can provide essential information through their app no matter where you are. We think these are the best systems you can buy.

The Works With Nest program and tight Google Assistant integration make the Nest Secure the best smart alarm system you can buy if you want complete control through your smart home automation system. You not only can get these critical notifications, but you can chain events to trigger other products like cameras or outdoor alarms through Assistant Actions.

The Ring Alarm is the best value when it comes to a great basic home security system and the Ring app will let you know anytime there is a problem. Amazon says Alexa integration is coming for the Ring Alarm and once it arrives you'll be able to enjoy the same smart home functions that the Nest Secure has.

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