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If you are debating which mesh Wi-Fi system to get for your home, I highly recommend the Eero lineup. Not only does Eero have quality routers and an easy-to-use app, but it also has some additional services that you may find extremely valuable, such as the Eero Secure and Secure+ subscriptions. One of the most useful features here is the ability to limit the content and exposure to devices and individuals on your network, including delivering a measure of control over web browsing. I'll show you how to set this up in the steps below.

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How to safeguard your browsing with Eero Secure

  1. Open the Eero app on your smartphone.
  2. Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner (the 3 lines).
  3. Tap on Eero Secure.

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  4. Scroll down and toggle the Network Security switch to on.
    • This will restrict access to sites that are known for malicious content, viruses, bots, etc.
  5. Toggle the Ad Blocking switch to on.
    • This enables Eero to stop many ads from ever being served to your computer or mobile device while you're connected to your home Wi-Fi. It won't stop everything.
  6. Scroll further and tap on Safe Filters.
    • This is where you can limit what content people on your network can see through the Family Profiles feature.
  7. Here you can tap to toggle on/off SafeSearch, Adult, Illegal/Criminal, and/or Violent content per Family Profile.

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Remember that Eero Secure is a premium subscription service that helps you manage content and access on your network above and beyond the access and speeds the Eero mesh devices provide you. There is even an additional tier above Eero Secure called Eero Secure+ that includes subscriptions to other popular security services such as 1Password,, and Malwarebytes. This premium goes for $10/month, and you can upgrade your Eero Secure account at any time.

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If you are interested in getting set up with an Eero mesh system and Eero Secure controls, here's where I suggest you begin.

Spread the speed

Eero Mesh WiFi System (third generation)

Eero Mesh WiFi System

Cover your whole house

The Eero mesh system can get rid of dead spots and cover your entire home. The small routers are easy to conceal in any room of the house.

Protect this house

Eero logo

Eero Secure

Safeguard your internet browsing

Protect those on your network from bots, viruses, annoying ads, and malicious sites. Protections can be customized per device and user.

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