Twitter is doing some housecleaning, and is [getting rid of its Vine social network in the process](/twitter-shutting-down-vine-video-sharing-app. On January 17, the app will no longer allow users to upload new Vines, and is purging its extensive database of 6-second masterpieces.

If you're looking to hold onto your Vines, here's how to download them, or get them emailed to you, in video format.

  1. Open Vine for Android.
  2. Log in using your Twitter account or another email.
  3. Tap the Profile icon on the right of the tab.
  4. Tap Save Videos.

  5. Decide whether you want to receive an email with the download link or to save the videos to your phone.
  6. If saving to your phone, decide which videos you want to save.
  7. Tap Save.

That's it! Now your Vines will be saved to a special folder under the same name in your gallery. Each file will have a long string of numbers with no file extension, but they can be renamed to .mov or .mp4 — they're simply H.264 files at 480x480 with AAC audio.

Have fun!