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Among Us Crew
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Among Us has taken the internet by storm and shows no sign of stopping. Among Us is a social deduction game, similar to board games like Mafia and Werewolf. Up to 10 players work together to complete tasks located around the map. The catch? Some of the crew are not who they claim to be. Imposters lurk in the shadows, with the sole purpose of killing everyone. When a body is found or an emergency meeting is called, the players all must vote for who they think the Imposter might be.

The game may appear simple at first, but there's a lot to learn to be the best Crewmember or Imposter you can be. Here's how to play Among Us to the best of your ability.

Setting up the game

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Among Us allows you to join and host games and offers plenty of customization options. It may seem overwhelming at first, so if it's your first time or if you're still trying to understand how everything works, use the game's recommended settings. Once you've got a handle on how the game works, try using these settings to mix up your games.

How to be the best Crewmember

There's a lot more to being the best Crewmember than just completing tasks.

Be an active participant — No one likes a player who is AFK or remains silent the whole game. Make sure you're being seen running around the map and working on tasks. If other players see you working, they are much less likely to suspect you're the imposter. In discussions, make sure you know where you are, what you're doing, and if possible, make sure you have a task you can use to prove your innocence.

Buddy up — If you trust another member of the crew enough, offer to buddy up with them. This can be extremely helpful if you're completing a task in an area of the map that is prone to murders, like the Electrical Room on The Skeld.

Get your tasks done — Even if you're unfortunate enough to get killed by an Imposter, you can still help your team achieve victory by completing your tasks as a ghost. You won't be able to stop any sabotages, though.

How to be the best Imposter

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If you're lucky (or unlucky) enough to be the Imposter, here are some ways to stay one step ahead of any amateur sleuths.

Blend in — The key to staying alive and avoiding detection as an Imposter is to blend in. Try not to walk around aimlessly, but confidently as you move from task to task. You'll be faking them, so take your position into account. Being seen by other players helps you build an alibi.

Make a quick escape — Successfully getting a kill is one thing, but you don't want to be caught alone with the body. Utilize the vents to make a quick escape and avoid being caught by other members of the crew.

Sabotage accordingly — Sometimes you can kill the whole crew without lifting a finger. Imposters can sabotage certain areas of the ship, like the O2 room or the Reactor, and can instantly wipe out the whole crew if the crew doesn't fix the problem fast enough. The Imposter can also lock doors, which can prove useful in stopping a straggler from getting away. Imposters can also continue to sabotage doors, even if they've been caught and ejected by the crew.

Discussion time

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Discussions happen when a body is found or when an emergency meeting is called. Players have a chance to hurl accusations and defend themselves against other members of the crew. While it is tempting to vote off the first person you suspect, you should try to gather evidence on everyone's whereabouts.

If you're a Crewmember, figure out where the body was discovered and who discovered it. What were they doing in the area? Can they prove their innocence? Imposters should take note and participate as well. If someone is getting too close to the truth, make them your next target.

The maps

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There are currently three maps available for Among Us. Learning them all is essential to your survival, whether you're part of the crew of an Imposter.

The Skeld — You and the rest of the crew are on a ship speeding through the cosmos. This is probably the most common map you'll encounter as you play online. Unique features on this level include a security system that allows Crewmembers to check in on the whereabouts of the crew.

MIRA HQ — The Skeld has landed and the crew has built a headquarters in the sky. It's the smallest map in the game, but that doesn't make it any safer. This map features lots of long hallways and a decontamination area that is a perfect killing ground for an Imposter. Keep an eye on the door logs and monitor who comes in and who doesn't come out.

Polus — The crew has established base camp against an active volcano. This is the largest map in the game, which means lots of room for the killer to roam. Watch out for sabotages, and keep an eye on everyone's vitals using the computer next to the Office. If someone gets killed on your watch, call a meeting ASAP.

The tasks

Among Us Task

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Tasks come in three different varieties:

  • Short tasks require a single step or very little effort.
  • Long tasks have multiple steps, usually requiring the player to wait a certain amount of time or move to different parts of the ship.
  • Common tasks are given to every single Crewmate.

Some task are unique to the map you're on. There are also visual tasks, which can help prove your innocence to other players. Learn more about each task found on every level using our guides for The Skeld, MIRA HQ, and Polus.

Ready to play

The addictive whodunit gameplay, the game's simple, charming visuals, and the availability and accessibility of Among Us has made fans of millions of gamers — pretty good for a game that was released in 2018. Among Us has solidified itself as one of the best party games available, and is sure to be a hit at your next gathering.

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