How to be the best Imposter in Among Us

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Being the Imposter in Among Us puts you in a position of power. As the Imposter, you're tasked with killing everyone on the ship while avoiding detection from the other Crewmembers. Your tenure as the Imposter might be short-lived, however, if you're caught in the act or if you slip up during discussions. Luckily for you, we have some tips and tricks on how to be the best Imposter in the latest viral multiplayer hit, Among Us.

Set up a trap

Among Us Imposter

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Being a good Imposter means blending in with your Crewmembers. When the game starts, pretend to do a task just like the other Crewmembers. Once you're alone with your target, sabotage the ship and force the crew to the opposite end of the ship. This way, the crew's attention will be elsewhere while you make a kill. Be sure not to run into anyone while you make your escape.

Tell on yourself

Among Us Cafe

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Self-reporting is when you report the body of a player you have just killed. Killing somebody and "finding" the body with another Crewmember helps build trust while potentially framing an innocent. Just be careful if you take this route, as it is a risky maneuver. If you were the last person to be seen with the deceased, for example, the crew might not buy your story. Also, if you play this card too many times, you run the risk of raising suspicion on yourself.

Alone, together

Among Us Kill Hero

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The best way to cause mass hysteria is to kill someone in a group of Crewmembers. Travel with a large group of four or more. When the crew is busy with tasks, or on top of each doing the same task, strike and immediately report the body. The confusion should be enough to avoid suspicion from the crew and potentially frame an innocent. Just be careful though. Do this too much, and the Crewmembers will notice that you're at the scene of every murder.

Defend, discuss, and deflect

Among Us Discussion

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During discussions, it's important to be attentive and to play the role of a concerned Crewmember. Players are generally suspicious of players who don't talk at all but be careful not to share too much either, as players may pick up on that as well. Play it cool, make sure you have a reason to be where you say you were, and deflect blame to others. You just might live to see another day.

Like moths to a flame

These are just some tips to help you stay one step ahead of the crew and avoid detection. Remember to keep your alibi straight and if someone starts getting too close to the truth, make them your next target. Among Us is a fun and tension-filled party game that's perfect for in-person gatherings or virtual ones. Just remember to watch your back and be careful who you trust.

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