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Among Us Polus Map
Among Us Polus Map (Image credit: Android Central / Zackery Cuevas)

In Among Us, Imposters lurk among the crew, picking off members of the crew one by one. Crewmembers must work quickly and efficiently if they want to get out alive. Understanding the ins and outs of each of the game's three levels takes time, and learning how to complete every task is a task in itself. Don't fret though — we've got you covered. Here are all the tasks you'll encounter on Polus in Among Us.

All of the tasks found in Polus

Tasks are separated into three categories: Common, Short, and Long.

  • Short tasks require a single step or very little effort.
  • Long tasks have multiple steps, usually requiring the player to wait a certain amount of time or move to different parts of the ship.
  • Common tasks are given to every single Crewmate.

There are 23 tasks to be completed on Polus. 2 of those tasks are visual, which means you can use that task to prove your innocence to other players. Also, if you're killed, you can still complete your tasks to help the remaining Crewmembers win.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Align TelescopeShortLaboratoryPlayers must move the telescope until they find the correct object, as indicated in the image in the lower right. A beeping sound will get faster as you get closer to the right object.
Chart CourseShortDropshipFit the pieces of the artifact back together like a puzzle.
Clear AsteroidsShortWeaponsShoot 20 asteroids to complete this task. This is a visual task on Polus and can be used to prove a player's innocence.
Empty GarbageShortO2Simply pull the lever on the side of the screen and hold it until the trash is all cleared. Unlike The Skeld, this is not a visual task on Polus.
Fill CanistersShortO2Drag the canister up to the airway and fill it up.
Fix Weather NodeLongExterior, LaboratoryThis task is completed in two parts. In the first part, the player must move a cursor through a randomly generated maze. Once they've completed it, they have to go to the Laboratory and turn on the weather node to complete the task.
Fix WiringCommonDecontamination, Electrical, Laboratory, O2, OfficePull the wires from the left side to their matching colors on the right side.
Fuel EnginesLongStorage, ExteriorThis is a two-part task. Players must first make their way to Storage, where they must fill up a gas canister. They must then walk over to the Exterior, where they'll have to pour the gas into the machine.
Insert KeysCommonDropshipSimply drag the key into the appropriate keyhole and rotate it left or right.
Inspect SampleLongLaboratoryThis task is broken up into two parts. Initiate the pouring process by pressing the button on the machine. Then, wait 60 seconds. Return to the machine and select the anomaly. If you choose wrong, you'll have to do it all over again.
Monitor TreeShortO2All you must do to complete this task is to slide the sliders to the dotted lines.
Open WaterwaysLongBoiler Room, ExteriorThis task consists of 3 parts. Each step requires the player to turn the valve in a counterclockwise motion. If you turn the valve clockwise, you will reverse the flow of water.
Reboot WifiLongLaboratoryPlayers must go pull the lever on the screen, which will begin a 60-second countdown process. When the counter reaches 0, return and pull the lever up to complete the task.
Record TemperatureShortLaboratory, ExteriorAdjust the temperature on the left side of the screen to match the number on the right screen. If the task is on the Exterior, the temperature must be increased. If the task is in the Laboratory, it must be lowered.
Repair DrillShortLaboratoryJust click on the exclamation points until they disappear.
Replace Water JugShortBoiler Room, OfficeThis is a two-part task. First, go to the Boiler Room and fill up the water jug. Then head to the Office and dump the water jug's water.
Scan Boarding PassCommonOfficeTo complete this task, press the yellow triangle to pull up your pass. Press the yellow arrow again to flip your boarding pass over, and then drag the boarding pass over the red scanner until it turns green.
Start ReactorLongSpecimen RoomA black screen appears on the left and a keypad on the right. To complete this task, enter the prompts that appear on the left screen into the keypad on the right. Do it 5 times, and you'll complete the task. If you mess up, though, you'll have to start again.
Store ArtifactsShortSpecimen RoomThere are 4 different objects and a case with 4 different holes. Match the object with the shape to complete the task.
Submit ScanShortLaboratoryStand on the device and let it scan you. It's a visual task and can be used to prove your innocence.
Swipe CardCommonOfficePull your card out of your wallet and drag it across the card reader. If you do it too slow or too fast, you'll have to try again.
Unlock ManifoldsShortSpecimen RoomTo complete the task, simply insert the numbers in numerical order.
Upload DataLongElectrical, O2, Office, Specimen Room, Weapons, CommunicationsThis task is completed in two parts. During the first part, players must download the data by pressing the download button. Next, head to the next area on the map and upload the data. Each section takes a few seconds each.

Among Us: Polus Pay attention to your notes

These are all of the tasks found on Polus. Out of the three maps available, Polus is the largest. There's a lot of open space on this level, so Crewmates should do their best to avoid being caught alone in the snow. If an Imposter catches you, it's all over.

There's plenty to cover in the game's two other maps, The Skeld and MIRA HQ. Among Us has quickly become the internet's favorite party game, perfect for gatherings happening in-person or virtually.

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