Tips for finding the Imposter in Among Us

In Among Us, Crewmates must work together and complete tasks while avoiding Imposters who are hellbent on killing the crew. It's an exciting game of social deduction that has taken the internet by storm and has become a huge multiplayer hit. As a Crewmate, however, you have to be careful of who you trust. Stick too closely to the wrong person, and you might end up the next victim. Here are some tips to spot the Imposter before they get the chance to kill again.

Look out for suspicious behavior

Among Us Wandering Halls

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Imposters get a list of tasks but are unable to complete any of them. They instead will fake their task in an effort to blend in with the crew. If you notice a member of the crew aimlessly bouncing between rooms, you should make a note. Especially if they seem to be tailing other Crewmembers who are working by themselves. Bring it up in the next discussion, or if you're absolutely certain, call an emergency meeting.

Discussion is important

Discussions are a great place to gather information about everyone's whereabouts. Sometimes, the Imposters will hang in the back and not participate in the discussion. Often times, they might be quick to redirect the blame. If you're suspicious of someone because they're not speaking up, call them out. If they're not talking, they're not helping. Be mindful of players who are talking too much as well. Keep their story straight by asking questions about where they've been and what task have they completed.

Process of elimination

Among Us Imposter

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Nothing is more suspicious than a lone wolf. It's always better to travel with somebody in Among Us. Traveling together helps limit the chance of getting attacked by the Imposter. It also gives you a chance to see if your buddy is actually completing the task that they say they are.

During discussions, you can vouch for each other and help each other hone in on the Imposter. You are on the same team after all. However, just make sure the buddy you choose has the best intentions for you. Nothing worse than a knife in your back from a player you trusted.

Make the right choice

Finding and ejecting the imposter is one of the ways to win a game of Among Us. Discussion is key to finding the perpetrator lurking in your midst, so be mindful of your surroundings and you might make it out alive. Among Us is one of the best party games out right now and is sure to be a hit, no matter how you play or what you play it on.

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