Nest Cam Dropcam

We've been tinkering with the Nest Cam for a couple of weeks now, and one of the big questions to come from comparing this new camera to the hardware from the company Nest absorbed to produce Nest Cam had to do with the subscription model. Like the new cameras, Dropcam existed as a subscription-based service that included year-long agreements if you wanted a discount. If you were to upgrade your Dropcams to the new Nest Cam, would you need an entirely new subscription to power the features on the new hardware?

It turns out the answer is no, and moving a subscription from Dropcam to Nest Cam is quite simple.

Nest app

As a Dropcam user, you are no doubt familiar with the new interface Nest has been applying to all of its products. Included in this new system is the ability to remove a device from your account, and your Dropcam is included in this list. Removing a Dropcam does not remove the subscription from your account, it instead waits for a new device to be added to the account for the subscription to attach to. This means you can move from a Dropcam to a Nest Cam by removing the old device and adding the new one. The subscription will automatically attach to the Nest Cam, and you'll be back in business.

According to Nest, this process applies to multiple Dropcam setups as well. All you need to do is remove all of the devices you want to replace, and their counterparts will get the subscription when added to your account. As upgrade paths go, it's fairly quick and painless. If anything, it's another reason to consider upgrading the next chance you get.