Can't wait til November 11th for T-Mobile to give you the much ballyhooed RC29 update? Need to stay current with the latest firmware version available? No worries, we at Android Central got you covered! There's a way to manually upgrade your T-Mobile G1 to firmware RC29. It's easier than you think but then again not the 'official' route you should take and thus, a wee bit dangerous.

To get this done you need to:

  1. Download firmware RC29 from Google
  2. Rename downloaded file to and place it in the root of your MicroSD card
  3. Unplug USB cord
  4. Turn off G1.
  5. Turn G1 back on holding Home+End keys until you see the G1 image pop up
  6. From that icon, open keyboard and hit Alt+L
  7. Hit Alt+S to begin update
  8. Follow onscreen instructions and hit Home+Back to finish
  9. G1 will reboot to flash the new firmware
  10. Voila! RC29 Firmware is installed!

Be aware that this isn't the recommended solution, T-Mobile suggests that you simply just wait out for them to officially roll out the update to users. If you happen to destroy your phone, T-Mobile can't guarantee any replacements and if replacements were to be given, the turnaround rate may last a week. In all, Android Central warns you in attempting this process but hey, to each his own.