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While the Oculus Quest 2 is a great VR headset, having the official Elite Strap will elevate your experience and help your head and neck. As we said in our Oculus Quest 2 Review, "...the fact that there's hair on most people's heads turns this simple task of tightening straps into a rather difficult one." While the Elite Strap can be replaced, it needs to be done correctly or risks damaging the unit. Fear not; however, you have reached the guide to help. Here's how to install the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap

How to install the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap

  1. Make sure your Quest 2 is powered off
  2. Remove the faceplate from your Quest 2.

    Oculus Elite Strap Remove EyeSource: Android Central / James Bricknell

  3. Undo the velcro strap from the original head strap and carefully pull it through the hole to remove it. Be careful not to scratch the lenses.
  4. Gently apply pressure to the hard plastic part at the side of the strap near the speaker. You will need to be firm here but careful not to bend the speaker itself.

    Oculus Elite Strap Remove OldSource: Android Central / James Bricknell

  5. Repeat for the other side of the headset. Your original strap should now be removed.
  6. Line the elite strap up with the tabs where the speakers are located.

    Oculus Elite Strap Side ViewSource: Android Central / James Bricknell

  7. With firm, even pressure, clip both sides into place. Snapping them on is easier than taking them off.
  8. Line up the top head strap with the top part of the headset and gently feed it through. Remember, you want to go under first, so the strap sits on top of itself.

    Oculus Elite Strap Top StrapSource: Android Central / James Bricknell

  9. Make sure you keep the top headstrap loose so it can fit easily on your head for the first time.
  10. Finally, clip the foam face plate back in place to complete the setup.

    Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap HeroSource: Android Central / James Bricknell

For us, the Elite Strap's installation went really smoothly, helping it to become a necessity for owning an Oculus Quest 2, especially if you are looking to use the Quest 2 for extended periods. It supports your head much better than the original strap and is just $50 more, still cheaper than the original Quest when bought together.

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The dial on the back of the Elite Strap, coupled with the halo cushion to support your skull, makes the elite strap the perfect upgrade to your Oculus Quest 2. The installation is fairly easy and the difference in comfort is off the scale.

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Oculus Elite Strap Reco

Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap

Sublime comfort

The Elite strap enhances your Oculus Quest 2 game time with a well-balanced and secure strap system. It's a must-buy for me.

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