How hot does your Galaxy S8 get while it's charging?

Samsung Galaxy S8 on table
Samsung Galaxy S8 on table (Image credit: Android Central)

Following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, it seems admittedly easy to cry wolf when any Samsung smartphone becomes even a little warm. But the way forum user, amyf27, describes how hot their Galaxy S8+ got while charging via a USB-C adapter, it's hard not to be a little curious.

Yesterday I was charging my S8+ with a Samsung Micro Usb cord with UsbC adapter, Samsung wall end. Changed fine but got hot. Temp according to the app went to 104.5°. It's been fine since but that raises a little concern.


One user noted that the cause for all this might be due to Samsung's apparent use of QuickCharge 2.0, which is less efficient than later versions and causes more heat to build up.

It's using the old version of quick charge, and the old version does got hot from what I remember. If you're concerned, turn off quick charge and just leave it charging overnight.


Of course, it's possible that the reason this user's Galaxy S8+ is feeling hot is that it is physically hot outside. We're nearing summertime, after all, and as the weather increases in heat, so will the electronics around us. Here's your PSA to always use the charger that comes inside the box with your device.

What about you? Have you tried checking the Galaxy S8 or S8+ with an app like CPU-Z (opens in new tab), which offers a readout of your device temperature?

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  • This "hot battery" thing is fake news. Someone's bound to find an alternate truth to this.
  • I had an instance where my phone had died and let it charge to about 5% and then started using Google Maps and Waze at the same time and the phone got so hot that a warning showed saying that the phone would stop charging to prevent damage. So there is some threshold. I haven't noticed it getting how otherwise though. I was kind of used to it because my Gear S3 does that anytime I use LTE for more than a minute.
  • No issue with mine at all. Never gets warm even when charging.
  • Not hot at all
  • I don't know about the S8. But with my S7 I choose to turn off fast charging if I'm gonna be using it while plugged in. This avoids getting hot and apps freezing. But if you're not gonna use it while it's charging, go with fast charging, that's my advice. I hope it works the same with the S8.
  • interesting .. because I've noticed that the charge rate drops if the screen is on (charger doctor, measures current flow and voltage) .. it gets warm, but I've never had an app freeze
  • Yeah, quick charge turns off if the screen is on. I found with my S7 that it only took about 15 minutes longer to charge with fast charging off and it didn't get anywhere near as hot.
  • Never gets hot. At least not yet. My S7 on the other hand would get hot whilecharging in the car.
  • No issues with my S8+ stays cool.
  • I've never had any problems at all.
  • Perfectly cool. I was keen to turn off QC at first, since on the S7 it does, but on the S8 I've been surprised at how cool it's managed to run.
  • I don't have to worry about charging because I own the blackberry keyone....battery and phone heating up is my last worry lol
  • Got mnie too no need to charge
  • Does the S8 really use Quick-change 2.0 rather than 3.0? If so, why?
  • That's probably because the charging chip in the Exynos version only supports QC 2.0, so Samsung wants to offer the same features to all the models of S8 and goes with QC 2.0 instead of 3.0/4.0.
  • I see. That only begs the question on why Samsung hasn't updated to 3.0 on their Exynos model.
  • Good article covering the charging setup of the S8 and 8+
  • I honestly thing the s8 uses the QC 2.0 rather than 3.0. I see the exact same charge times as I normally get with the s7.
    I have used a variety of chargers, Samsung adaptive chargers, QC 3.0 chargers and even my MacBook Pro charger but I have not noticed my phone get unreasonably hot
  • Not hot at all while charging. Sounds like drama to me.
  • I agree
  • Yea, seems like it. The average temp for quick charge is around 90 to 113f
    So 104 is around normal
  • my s8+ runs at room temperature when Charging so I don't think there is a need to cause a concern
  • 104 degrees is not a big deal, only 6 degrees more than body temperature. When we used to run thermal tests, we would see 113 regularly
  • Actually Stays cool. My S7 used to get hot while Fast charging
  • No issues with my exynos s8+
  • My V20 never gets hot when I charge at home but the other day I borrowed my friends Samsung fast charger and the thing fit so hot so quickly I unhooked it right away.
  • Not hot at all. My S7 edge occasionally guy pretty hot. From time to time. But not this S8+.
  • One of the reasons I am down on the S80 is because they are using QC 2.0 which they also used on the S7 I had. S7 always got hot using quick charge. Switched to an LG G5 and it doesn't get anywhere as hot with QC 3.0. I highly recommend if you have a Samsung device with quick charge just turn off the quick charge. I did with my S7 and it only takes about 15 minutes longer to charge.
  • Not necessary with the S8
  • Fair enough, I'm still not buy another Samsung device.
  • That's cool. Can't wait for the next Note! 😎
  • Me either as I was tempted to buy the S8+. But I decided to wait for the Note 8
  • QC 3 isn't standards compliant. 4 is, and much better than 3 and 2 with heat
  • No issues with my s8+ stays pretty cool when it's charging on fast charge. I use wireless without fast charge overnight.
  • Never gets hot for me.
  • Never had an issue.
  • Never gets hot but it does charge slowly. Takes like 1 hour to charge from 35% to 100%
  • I usually charge mine screen down so it stays cooler, but it does get warm. I wouldn't say it gets hot in my opinion. Please define hot?
  • Just run it under the cold water tap for a few seconds
  • My S8 plus stays cool during wall charging, car charging, & wireless charging, so I haven't noticed an issue, as of yet......
  • Mine may get a little warm but it's expected nothing like my Private which get very hot. I am completely impressed with the Galaxy S8 series the phone has to be the fastest phone to date for me.
  • Only thing that gets hot is the power brick for me
  • I have a tablet with Type C connector that routinely gets to 130° while charging. That's according to the thermal readings of Aida 64.
  • Not hot at all. Hasn't gotten hot since I've had it for any reason. Everyone talks about how expensive the phone is but it really is my best Android experience in 6+ years. Best battery life, best display, 64GB storage AND SD card slot, first Samsung Galaxy phone I've had that didn't lag
  • My Nexus 6P gets to 110 pretty regularly.
  • How do you get the Google Pixel Pill widget thing on the GS8, like in the pic above?
  • Nova Launcher recreated the Pixel Launcher's search widget. They could be using that.
  • How you guys buy into Samsung's marketing is beyond me.
    S8 is a ergonomical nightmare and they sell this defective device for a premium.
    Thoes edges are nothing but a demerit.
  • So, how hot does your GS8 get?
  • Hadn't noticed any overheating issues at all with my GS8. But then again my previous device was a HTC M9 so....... *shrugs shoulders*
  • One of the big things I have noticed with my S8+ is that it does not get hot no matter what I am doing.
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  • Actually, Mine does feel hot after leaving on my fast wireless charger when its been at 100% for a while. I use my wireless charger at work in my office, so sometimes, my phone sits there the whole day. Its not hot while its charging to 100%, only after its been at 100% for a while, it starts getting heated.