How hot does your Galaxy S8 get while it's charging?

Samsung Galaxy S8 on table
Samsung Galaxy S8 on table (Image credit: Android Central)

Following the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, it seems admittedly easy to cry wolf when any Samsung smartphone becomes even a little warm. But the way forum user, amyf27, describes how hot their Galaxy S8+ got while charging via a USB-C adapter, it's hard not to be a little curious.

Yesterday I was charging my S8+ with a Samsung Micro Usb cord with UsbC adapter, Samsung wall end. Changed fine but got hot. Temp according to the app went to 104.5°. It's been fine since but that raises a little concern.


One user noted that the cause for all this might be due to Samsung's apparent use of QuickCharge 2.0, which is less efficient than later versions and causes more heat to build up.

It's using the old version of quick charge, and the old version does got hot from what I remember. If you're concerned, turn off quick charge and just leave it charging overnight.


Of course, it's possible that the reason this user's Galaxy S8+ is feeling hot is that it is physically hot outside. We're nearing summertime, after all, and as the weather increases in heat, so will the electronics around us. Here's your PSA to always use the charger that comes inside the box with your device.

What about you? Have you tried checking the Galaxy S8 or S8+ with an app like CPU-Z, which offers a readout of your device temperature?

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