How to get your Amazon Alexa speaker to stop spamming you

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock (2022)
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Amazon Echo devices are some of the best smart speakers on the market today, but that doesn't mean that the digital assistant isn't without fault. While your Alexa can help in many ways by notifying you of upcoming appointments, current events, weather, and so much more, there may be times when you'd rather not be bothered with extra information. Such as with a wave of notifications regarding your Amazon shopping orders. Whether it's because you find the frequent pings annoying or you don't want Alexa to ruin a surprise for someone, here's how to turn off Amazon shopping notifications on Echo speakers. 

How to stop Alexa from spamming you

Unwanted notifications are annoying no matter what the source. While Alexa may think that it's helpful when it pings you with your Amazon shopping info, it can be a bit much sometimes. So here's how to shut off those notifications on your devices, whether it is the affordable Echo Dot, the high-tech Echo Show 10, or any of the other excellent Alexa speakers.

1. Open the Alexa app on your phone.

2. Tap on More in the lower right corner of the screen.

3. Select ⚙️ Settings.

4. Choose Notifications.

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5. Tap on Amazon Shopping.

6. Enable or disable notifications for each type of Amazon shopping option by tapping on the toggle.

Amazon Alexa app screenshots

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Now that you have the tools and know how to manage what notifications your Alexa devices will bug you, you can reduce the seemingly constant barrage of pings and the chance a shopping surprise gets let out of the bag too early.

There are many different options for the type of notifications that your Alexa speaker may offer when it comes to your Amazon shopping. You can choose the ones you do or don't want, and you may want to only turn them off during certain times of the year. Maybe during the holidays or when there might be a birthday, remember to turn them back on later if you like the help from Alexa.

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