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The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of us to adapt to new work methods while we stay at home, and a big part of that is teleconferencing with your coworkers.

Google Hangouts Meet is included as part of your account. You can find it listed under the Google apps once you've signed into your Google account, or download it from Google Play for your mobile device. Here's all the steps to take in order to set up a meeting within Hangouts Meet.

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How to set up a video conference in Google Hangouts Meet

  1. Click the app icon (it looks like a video camera) to open the dashboard and get started.

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  2. In the upper right-hand corner you will see the settings icon. Clicking this icon opens a view window that shows your device's audio and webcam so you to test them.

    • This is a good way to make sure the tools you need to host a video conference are working.

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  3. When you're ready to create a meeting, simply click Join or start a meeting.

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  4. You will be asked to enter a meeting code if you are joining an existing meeting, or to title the meeting you are creating. Click Continue.

    Google Hangout Start Meeting EditedSource: Nicole Johnston/Android Central

  5. On this screen, you will again have a chance to make sure your device's audio and video capabilities are working. On the right-hand side of the view screen, click Join now to start your meeting.

    Google Hangouts Join Meeting EditedSource: Nicole Johnston/Android Central

  6. A window will pop up with your meeting information and a link to Add people. Clicking this will list all people in your Gmail contacts along with a field to invite others not in your contacts.
  7. After choosing who to invite, click Send invitation. This will send the meeting link to your attendees.

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  8. If you are the presenter, from your screen you will see tools for conducting your conference. In the bottom right-hand corner, click the three dots. This will give you the option to Record meeting. You will also find Turn on captions for members who are hearing impaired.

    Google Hangouts Meet Record Meeting EditedSource: Nicole Johnston/Android Central

  9. Also at the bottom of the screen, you will also see Present now. Clicking this gives you the option to share your screen and anything you have displayed there, including slide presentations and videos.

    Google Hangout Present And Share Screen EditedSource: Nicole Johnston/Android Central

  10. At the top of the screen, you will see two icons. The first tells you how many people are currently in your meeting. Clicking it will show you who is attending and if they are muted or not. You can also send a quick invite or reminder to anyone you see has forgotten to join.

    Google Hangouts Meet Attendees EditedSource: Nicole Johnston/Android Central

  11. The second icon opens the chat features. This is good for keeping tabs on questions being asked by muted participants. You can also share documents, links, and images through the chat feature.

    Google Hangouts Meet Chat EditedSource: Nicole Johnston/Android Central

Overall, Google's meeting app is really straightforward and pretty easy to figure out. But if you need help with any part of your Hangouts Meet video conference, Google has a healthy support group with FAQs, troubleshooting articles and how-to videos.

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Get the app that's right for you

Because Google Hangouts Meet comes with G Suite, you will need to purchase a subscription. Yearly subscriptions come at a minimal cost, and there are different levels to choose from depending on other apps, tools, and features you need for your business. If you have people you'd like to join that don't have a G Suite account, they can still join using their Gmail account without any additional cost to them or you. But if they want to host a meeting, they, too, will need a G Suite subscription.

Desktop version included with G Suite

Google Hangouts Meet Desktop

Quick and easy way to hold video conferences

Google Hangouts Meet comes with your G Suite subscription. It's easy to set up for a quick meeting or collaborate on team projects.

Mobile app for Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet Mobile

Hold meetings on the go

Downloading the Google Hangouts Meet app lets you conduct business from anywhere on any mobile device.