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These days we don't think twice about snapping away with our phone cameras thanks to their convenience and virtually unlimited cloud storage in Google Photos. However, when we take so many photos, it can sometimes be hard to go back and find our favorites amongst all the noise. Thankfully, Google has considered this, and with the Spring 2020 update to Google Photos, it is trying to resurface what it thinks are your best photos over the past several days under what it calls Recent Highlights. We'll show you where to find these in the redesigned app.

How to find your Recent Highlights in Google Photos

  1. Open the Google Photos app on your phone.
  2. At the top of the screen, you'll see the Memories section of photos taken on this day or this week in years past. Swipe left to scroll to the right.

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  3. Tap on the Recent highlights card.

    Google Photos Highlights 2Source: Android Central

Google Photos will have selected what it thinks are the most important photos taken over the past several days, and present them in this section. It is a fun way to relive your recent escapades, events, and adventures in an Instagram or Snapchat stories-like feature, and we think it's going to get people to engage in the app even more than they did before.

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