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Whether you own the 16GB NVIDIA Shield TV or the 500GB NVIDIA Shield TV Pro, there may come a time when you need to clear everything out and start fresh. Thankfully, factory resetting an NVIDIA Shield TV is just as easy as factory resetting any Android phone.

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Before you get started

The best and easiest way to delete all the data off your NVIDIA Shield TV is to factory reset it, which will wipe all user data and return the device to its original condition for you to set up from scratch again. You can't undo a factory reset, so be sure to back up any local videos or files on your Shield TV you want to keep.

How to factory reset your NVIDIA Shield TV

  1. Go to Settings from the Shield home screen.
  2. Scroll down to Storage & reset

  3. Scroll down and select Factory data reset.
  4. Select Factory data reset to confirm the action.

Your NVIDIA Shield TV will begin factory resetting itself, deleting all user data, apps, and logins. Depending on how much data there is on your Shield TV the process could take just a few minutes or up to 2-3 hours on the 500GB NVIDIA Shield TV Pro. Once the process is complete, your NVIDIA Shield TV will reboot and bring up the beginning prompts to set up the device like new.

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In terms of both hardware and software, the NVIDIA Shield TV is simply the best Android TV streaming box you can buy. It's a little pricier than other Android options, but you get a fully-featured Android TV experience, a capable gaming machine for streaming PC and Android games, and it's all backed by NVIDIA with great customer service and software support.

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If you got a huge library of media to watch or want to take advantage of the Shield TV as a gaming console, the Shield TV Pro might be a better offer. The Shield TV Pro is out of production but still fully supported by NVIDIA and available at a firm $300 price tag.

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