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The first wireless charger out of OnePlus is a stunner. The Warp Charge 30 Wireless Charger charges nearly as fast as its wired counterpart, which is an incredible achievement. But to accomplish those speeds, it generates a lot of heat, and subsequently has a built-in fan to keep everything cool. That can be a bit annoying, but thankfully you can tell your OnePlus 8 Pro to charge more slowly at specific times, taking away the wireless charger's bothersome fan noise.

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How to use Bedtime Mode to slow OnePlus 8 Pro wireless charging

  1. Go to Settings, Battery and Bedtime Mode.

    OnePlus Bedtime Mode settingsSource: Android Central

  2. Tap the toggle next to "schedule" to turn Bedtime Mode on.
  3. Set your start and end times for Bedtime Mode — during these hours, charging will be slowed and the fan noise will be reduced.
    • Don't be concerned with starting it early, since the phone will have plenty of time to charge overnight.
  4. That's it! Your OnePlus 8 Pro will only adhere to Bedtime Mode rules during your set time and while it's on the Warp Charge 30 Wireless Charger.

This bedtime mode limits fan noise, of course, but also has the added benefit of reducing strain on your OnePlus 8 Pro's battery. Just like the "optimized charging" mode for wired charging, the benefit here is that you're not rushing to charge up the battery 100% where it will sit at for hours on end. Smartphone batteries don't like to sit at 100% for long periods, nor do they like to be charged very fast over and over again. By slowly approaching 100% overnight and sitting fully charged for a shorter period, you're saving your phone's battery from excess wear.

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OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Wireless Charger

OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Wireless Charger

A fantastically fast wireless charger for the OnePlus 8 Pro

If you have a OnePlus 8 Pro, there's no other wireless charger to consider. This will charge your phone nearly as fast as a wired charger, and it looks nice doing it.

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