How does the Galaxy Fold hinge work?

Best answer: The Samsung Galaxy Fold uses the same Dynamic AMOLED display as the Galaxy S10, a set of three hinges, a plastic outer layer, and special composite polymer and malleable adhesive to fold over onto itself like a book. Samsung says this combo will last and you'll be able to open and close the Fold 200,000 times before it starts to show any signs of wear.

Engineering marvel

Bendable OLED display panels aren't exactly new. Companies like Samsung and LG have been showcasing them for several years, and it's the technology that allows for phones like the Samsung Galaxy Edge to exist as well as the primary layer for Smasung's Waterfall Display as seen on the Galaxy S series for a couple of years. But the Galaxy Fold is the first time we've actually seen a phone fold in half, which is what we all really were think about when we heard "bendable."

Samsung accomplishes this by adding the rest of what's needed to the display layer. Namely, a plastic outer shell instead of glass, a set of three interlocking gears designed to hold the phone in both open and closed configurations without bending backwards, and a company secret or two.

On phones with OLED displays, there is a polymer bond that holds the display panel, the touch-sensitive digitizer, and the outer layer together. In the past, this has always been rigid; bending it meant fractures and spiderwebs that made a phone unusable. Samsung has changed the science of this layer with a special type of adhesive that won't show as much creasing when bent, the Galaxy Fold was born.

The jury is still out on whether or not Samsung's 200,000 folding mark is true, but there is no denying that the Galaxy Fold is a marvel of engineering.

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