How do you feel about LG exiting the smartphone business?

LG Wing
LG Wing (Image credit: Alex Dobie / Android Central)

One of the best parts of the Android ecosystem is its diversity, both in software and hardware. The more phone manufacturers there are, the more choices we as consumers have, and the list of the best Android phones has only gotten better each year. LG was one of the most important Android brands since the beginning and one of its most innovative as well. From the G Flex to the G 5's Friends, to the Wing, the company continued to push forward with interesting ideas, but unfortunately, it couldn't seem to follow through on them.

Late last night, LG confirmed what we all suspected would happen and said it was shutting down its smartphone business for good. Naturally, our AC forums community had some things to say about this...

That means they won't be making any Pixel devices in the future I guess? Damn shame.


Oof, that's an unfortunate pill to swallow.


Sad day :((


It has officially gone. Very sad because there are loads of members on this forum that loved LG and only used their phones. Death of the headphone jack is complete I guess.

Kizzy Catwoman

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