How to disable auto Bluetooth audio streaming on Samsung Galaxy phones

Owning a Bluetooth-enabled car stereo makes life easier in many ways. Once paired to your Samsung Galaxy phone, you'll be able to quickly connect your phone every time you get in your car and receive phone calls and text messages hands-free while you drive.

It also enables you to play music from your phone on demand, and by default you may notice it automatically playing the tracks stored on your Galaxy phone as soon as you turn on the vehicle. If you find autoplay to be more of a nuisance than a useful feature, here's how you can toggle media audio from playing in your Bluetooth car stereo.

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to pull down the Notification shade.
  2. Tap the Settings icon.
  3. Tap Connections.

  1. Tap Bluetooth
  2. Tap the Settings icon next to the paired device you're having issues with.
  3. Tap the Media audio toggle switch to turn it off.

This will turn off all audio media from playing via Bluetooth in your car — an admittedly extreme option for fixing autoplay issues. When you decide you want to play music through your car stereo, you'll have to go back into your phone's Bluetooth settings and re-enable media audio.

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  • I hate how my 2015 Explorer will switch to bluetooth and immediately start playing when I start it. I want it to just leave it where it was (usually FM or Sirius). What's weird is it doesn't do it every time either. I'd say just over half the time. I'll give the above solution a try since it's better than nothing and I rarely want to BT audio from my phone other than for calls.
  • In Ford vehicles with SYNC, you can disable auto play for USB and Bluetooth devices within SYNC itself, so you don't need to fiddle with your phone.
  • I haven't been able to find that option but i'll look again tonight
  • Hey guys! If you want your media to stop playing through bluetooth, just turn off the bluetooth. That's what I did, I then decided to write an article explaining how it was done. Wow.
  • That also disables the ability to make/take phone calls through BT, which may not be the desired result.
  • But people still want bluetooth for voice calls, displaying/reading texts, etc. So turning off media audio in BT is an option which is what this article is about. He doesn't say anything about turning off BT completely. I also want my BT left on for my watch. If you don't have anything nice to say...
  • True and I probably came off more abrasive than I originally intended. I just don't see how articles like this get published. Not a big deal, I just think that maybe AC should focus on quality rather than quantity.
  • For most yeah it's probably not very useful. But the title pretty much gives you enough info to decide if it's worth a read. I actually found it useful. I've googled about this "problem" a few times and never found anything official about the options. Just some forum posts most of which are 5+ years old. I never thought to just disable the media audio in my BT settings.
  • This might be the most useless article I have read in a while. Pokemon Go articles were more useful, and I don't even play that game.
  • So, turn BT off and turn it on when you're ready to play music again haha. Not the best 'fix', guys! Also, at lest on mine (T-Mo version) as long as there have been no music players open, the phone connects but won't auto-play, and when it does, it's not from local tracks, it's from whatever music player was open last (although Spotify does have a nasty habit of 'taking over' no matter what unless I kill the process).
  • So you disable automatic streaming by disabling streaming? Genius!
  • There are a handful of ways to get around this and there are different outcomes with the countless number of car audio systems. My only issue was with Samsung Music defaulting to that Horizon theme or ringtone each time I started my car. You should have some audio controls on your steering wheel or dashboard that allow you to pause audio. You can also use package disabler to disable all audio players except the one you use (Play Music for me).
  • Yeah... I'm not usually one to bag on articles, but this one was kind of useless. Like you said, the biggest issue was the Samsung Music player forcing itself to play that damned Horizon theme. The simplest fix for me was just deleting that track. Voila.
  • The real problem is Bluetooth randomly disconnecting and switching off if your WiFi is switched on in the car. Huge pain in the arse
  • Don't most cars have the option themselves not to auto play? 2012 F-150 has the option.
  • My 2012 Grand Cherokee doesn't. I was having the problem with the Google Play Music app on my Nexus. I eventually had to just disable the app. (But I've not any other music players do this to me.) I ran into this when I did the free trial of Google Music / YouTube Red. Too bad for google the player does this, as I didn't renew after the trial only because of this autoplay issue. There are Android bug reports about this Google Play Music app behavior, but google's response has been to simply go to your car's bluetooth settings and disable autoplay from there. Umm, google, by car doesn't *have* any bluetooth settings. About all it lets me do is pair and unpair and that's it.
  • Sounds like a stupud way of Samsung to set it up but I imagine if I had this type of phone I would be looking for a solution.
  • Believe this behavior is dependent on how your car's audio system is designed - ex. does it auto-stream once a Bluetooth device is detected or does it need manual input to do so. Mine (Kia UVO system) needs manual input (ex. have to select "Media") before it will stream anything from a connected phone whether that was my old Note 2, current Note 4 or my girl's iPhone (otherwise it only does call audio by default).
  • Pretty useless article, even if you're a newbie. So much for focusing on quality rather than quantity AC... The downward spiral continues...
  • Till it constantly resets. I wanted music but not voice calls to come over Bluetooth and use the same setting but opposite and every time I get in the car the settings reset to both being on. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Do you have a fix for song info not showing up on the display? Realize not life changing but it's nice to have
  • @google @android @androindcentral. the fact this is even an issue is very disappointing & baffeling - im using the "greatest and latest" nougat 7.0 feature & this bug has been plaguing the community since the beginning of bluetooth and android (you can see posts going back to 2011, probably even further back). you @google / @android could easily just make this a setting into the vanilla settings app. under bluetooth have 4 options.
    1 enable/disable bluetooth audio (enabling unleashes 2,3,4)
    2 enable/disable bluetooth calling (phone calls)
    3 enable/disable bluetooth media (enabling unleashes 4)
    4 enable/disable auto start (when disable - maybe it can look for bluetooth init signals which would happen when car turned on or connect to bluetooth, do not allow start/play signals for a few seconds - this might be the few seconds that a car might automatically try to start things. I assume cars do an "init" followed by a "start/play" - if its just an init, then dont start music on an init)
    instead you succumb to people making ****** 3rd party apps to stop the music, that fail or crash launch everytime.
    Please fix this before I make my own android and call it Betteroid! the only difference will be that one extra feature!!