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If you haven't heard by now, one of our favorite features of HTC Sense 3.0 is the lockscreen. In addition to being an easy (and stylish) way to unlock your phone, HTC's added in some extra functionality. There are four customizable icons on the lockscreen -- shortcuts that will take you directly to an app without having to unlock the phone first. Simply slide them down into the unlock ring, and you're taken to the app.

We like it so much, in fact, that we really wouldn't mind if HTC added another row of shortcuts.

The HTC Sense 3.0 lockscreen is currently available on the HTC Sensation, HTC Flyer and the HTC EVO 3D. Or on a custom ROM near you.

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How to customize the Sense 3.0 lockscreen


Indeed , the only thing makes me jealous of HTC phones is the Weather Integration
It gets & better every time

Avoiding Sense like the plague after EVO 4G GB update. Loving Launcher Pro and would never use Sense again.

Lol Sense isn't just the launcher component and the over hyped whether widget, in fact I'd argue that Sense's worst feature is it's outdated launcher with no customizable app dock... But unless you're running an AOSP ROM such as CM you're still using parts of Sense (the better parts) all over the phone.

The lock screen shortcuts and message/calendar/music previews are part of Sense, the feature that makes your ringer louder in your pocket or quiet when the phone is picked up or flipped is part of Sense, the excellent camera interface is part of Sense, the improved FB contact integration is Sense (AOSP can do it via too, Sense does it better imo, unlike Moto), the improved music app is part of Sense, the notification pane app shortcuts and power toggles are part of Sense, etc etc.

I wish bloggers would stop calling Sense, Blur, and TouchWiz "skins"; because it's a characterization that confuses people who don't know better. They're deeply embedded system mods and replacement apps, and yea many times they're awful... Other times they're very useful, as in the above examples.

To me, Sense's only downside is the awful launcher (easy enough to solve with LP or ADW, tho the stock one keeps running in the background unless you root to freeze it). Sure you can mimic most of the good features with stuff like Widgetsoid, Tasker, Widgetlocker, and other replacement apps... Their execution varies tho. I'd miss the flawless lockscreen the most.

Yeah, it's way more customizable but nowhere near as smooth or as tightly integrated (particularly with regards to the password screen, etc). There's other elements of Sense that are easier to replicate or replace, but the lockscreen is unparalleled imo.

You, AC, You guys are beating around the bush and we want YOUR Evo 3D Review!!!

The wait!!!! It's killing me! :P

If the lock screen is for keeping people from poking around in your phone and then you put this functionality that lets you jump to your most important apps/functions, doesn't that sort of negate the use for a 'lock screen'?

I believe it still asks for your pin or pattern in between, if you haven't used the phone in X amount of time (since Android allows you to set it so it doesn't ask if you're unlocked recently, up to 15 min).

The app Widget Locker has had this functionality for some time. Also allows widgets not just shortcuts to be on your custom lockscreen.

The great thing? You can add this to ANY droid phone HTC or otherwise.

Widget Locker+Beautiful Widgets+Launcher Pro Plus=under $8 worth of apps that add more custom functionality and LESS BLOAT than any OEM skin.

While I'll agree- Sense adds a lot more than just a launcher and a few widgets and does add some useful mods to ASOP - I think all the OEMs have proven all these multiple devices and various versions of their OS layer are causing a lot of problems (EVO 2.3 update, Samsung Galaxy S updates are all flawed/buggy, Moto- are their updates flawless? I doubt it)

Point is- google should REQUIRE the "skin" to be a user layer that's an option- that way if a flawed update is pushed from the OEM/Carrier- we can get the naked Android OS that WORKS.

This is also available on the HTC Chacha

If you have a pin or pattern lock, the selected app/function opens directly after you confirm your pin/swipe ie you drag the camera icon into the circle, pin/pattern then pops up and once entered, the phone directly opens the camera function