How to change the font size and style on the Galaxy S3

Changing the font size is nothing new – all Android phones running Ice Cream Sandwich can do that.  Changing the font style, however, used to require a rooting of the device and/or the installation of a third party app.

The Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) offers tremendous capabilities when it comes to personalizing your experience on the phone. As we have covered in other “How To” articles, you can change the way your home screens are arranged, as well as apps, icons, and sounds -- pretty much anything you can think of.  Changing the style of the font as well as the size really makes a difference in the way everything looks on the phone.

Changing the font size

The Font settings are accessed from the main Settings menu on the Galaxy S3.

  1. Pull down the Notification drawer
  2. Tap the Settings icon
  3. Scroll down to Display and tap
  4. Tap on Font size

choose display settings  Choose font size

You will see five options available to you:

  • Tiny
  • Small
  • Normal
  • Large  
  • Huge

choose font size

Choose the size you desire and you will immediately see the results reflected in the fonts within the Settings menu.

Changing the font style

While changing the Font size is not new for Android phones, changing the style is and it really makes a difference in the way that everything reads on the device.

  1. Pull down the Notification drawer
  2. Tap the settings icon
  3. Scroll down to Display and tap
  4. Tap on Font style

There are four fonts listed:

  • Default font
  • Choco cooky
  • Helvetica S
  • Rosemary

choose font  set new font

Choose any of the fonts to change the style of all fonts.  You will see that the icon names, menu items, emails and web site URLs will all reflect the new font choice. However, fonts on a web page will still be displayed as they always have and won’t reflect the new font.

Getting additional fonts online

At the bottom of the list of available fonts, you will se a tab that says "Get fonts online." Tap that button and you will be taken to the Google Play store where you can then download additional fonts for the Galaxy S3. Some of the fonts are for free and others will cost, on average, $0.99.

choose font  choose fonts from Google play

Experiment with the font styles and sizes to find the right combination for you. Just one more way you can make your Galaxy S3 unique to you.