How to Cast your Oculus Go to a phone

Sharing the Oculus Go is only half the fun when you get to watch the reactions of your friends, but can't see what is actually happening inside the headset. That's a thing of the past now that the casting abilities are finally out of beta. So, here's how you can start having a more inclusive gaming session by casting your Oculus Go to a mobile device.

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Why you'd want to cast from your Oculus Go

Think back to the times you wanted to show your friends your favorite single player game. You launch the game, take turns completing levels, and both of you are able to see what was happening at all times. Sharing your virtual reality headset is like that, except when you put your friends in your headset you can't see what they're reacting to. Of course, it's still fun to watch their reactions, but most of the fun comes from feeling more included in the gaming session.

This is where casting comes in. With the ability to cast from your Oculus Go to a mobile device, everyone will be able to see what's happening inside of the headset instead of just the person wearing it. This allows people to feel more included while you walk each other through levels and laugh at the monsters that jump from the dark. So get casting on your Oculus Go headset and make the experience better for everyone involved.

How to cast from your Oculus Go

  1. Make sure your Oculus Go and the device you wish to cast to are connected to the same Wi-Fi.
  2. Open the Oculus mobile app on the device you will be casting to.

  1. Open the Sharing menu on your headset.
  2. Select Cast. This will send a push notification to the device you'll be casting to.

  1. Allow the device to connect by following the instructions on the push notifications. This will automatically start casting your Oculus Go to your mobile device.

By following these steps you'll be able to cast what's on the screen of your Oculus Go to the Oculus mobile app. That means there is no more guilt when it comes to playing games while your friends are over. Now they'll feel much more involved when it comes to sharing this experience with you because they'll see it first hand as well.

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