How are you liking chat bubbles in Android 11?

Android 11 Beta Chat Bubble
Android 11 Beta Chat Bubble (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

There are quite a few new features to get familiar with in Android 11, one of the biggest being chat bubbles. With chat bubbles, Google allows you to keep all of your ongoing conversations within easy access no matter what you're doing on your phone.

It's a lot like the chat head feature that's existed in Facebook Messenger for years, though you can now have that same experience across all of your messaging apps.

A few of our AC forum members have shared their thoughts on chat bubbles, and it looks like the response is fairly mixed so far.

I used it when I was on rh beta and didn't find them useful yet bc only messages and FB messenger supported it. Once other messaging apps get supported then I'll definitely give it another shot so I could receive all my messages in one place.


I'm not sure I'm a fan of the chat bubbles. It seems like the same Facebook messenger?


I don't mind the new Bubbles feature, it's OK. I don't find it "groundbreaking" or "must have" but it's also not too bad. There are times it comes in handy. Hopefully everyone that wants to try it can get it working so they can decide for themselves.


I don't really care about having the bubble notifications, but I just want it to work haha


What about you? How are you liking chat bubbles in Android 11?

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