How are you liking Android Q Beta 3?

Google I/O 2019's opening keynote was jam-packed with announcement after announcement. In addition to a much more powerful Google Assistant, the new Nest Hub Max smart display, and Pixel 3a unveiling, Google also launched Beta 3 for Android Q.

Beta 3 is full of goodies we haven't seen in previous iterations, including an overhauled gesture navigation system and a fully-functioning dark mode.

Some of our AC forum members are already rocking the new software, and these are their initial impressions.

It's definitely more stable. I think dark mode is a little too dark. Google needs to check out Samsung's dark mode for some ideas.


Yep yep thanks for the suggestion and the assistance. It took an hour for the app to initialize and for everything to resettle but yet as it should, everything works faster. Including voice typing which I didn't think was possible. app switching makes a little bit more sense where you can toggle with the just your mode between two most recent applications, at least that's how I'm going to use the...


Installed the latest update, love the system wide dark mode. Also switched to full gesture nav. New updates are always fun and that's why I love the Pixel


What about you? How are you liking Android Q Beta 3?

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Joe Maring

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