Hotel tonight for Android

Hotel Tonight has just announced mobile check-in and keyless entry for Android customers. Hotel Tonight is the popular travel app that connects empty hotel rooms to spontaneous travelers at the last minute. Rooms can be booked the same day and usually with average savings of 30 percent off the regular price.

The new features will make checking into a room seamless and keyless, with the Android app of course. Check the press release below for all the info you want.

Here's how the two new features will work:

Express Check-In:

  • Overview: HotelTonight guests can bypass the check-in process and get right to enjoying their night.
  • Here's how it works: HotelTonight customers can check in to their room with just 2 taps on the app! They'll be notified when their room is ready, and can go straight to the front desk to pick up keys and head to the room.
  • Availability: The Express Check-In feature is currently in pilot with select hotels on the HotelTonight iPhone app, and will be rolling out to additional hotels and Android in the coming weeks.

Keyless Entry, Powered by Brivo Labs:

  • Overview: HotelTonight customers will be able to unlock their hotel rooms with the app on Android devices using NFC capabilities and Brivo Labs' SAM API.
  • Here's how it works: Open the HotelTonight app, hold the device up to the lock and that's it! The door will automatically unlock after a few seconds. No more lost or demagnetized keys.
  • Availability: HotelTonight and Brivo Labs are in talks with several global hotel chains to debut this feature in the future.

These features all are now live in version 4.4.4 of the Hotel Tonight Android app. Grab it from the Google Play Store and let us know what you think!