Honor, the youth-oriented arm of Huawei, is launching a new beta program that will allow a select few Americans the ability to test current pieces of hardware and upcoming beta software from the company.

Facilitated through the company's Facebook page, the Honor Beta program will ask fastidious early adopters to give feedback on current hardware, along with software launches up to two years in advance of them being released to the greater public. The company claims that because it has no carrier footing, its customers are generally discerning and well-versed in the tech sphere, and are therefore primed to offer constructive feedback that could be worked into future product releases.

As a provider of unlocked devices, that allow for direct to consumer relationships, in addition to significant R&D resources, Honor can quickly evolve its products and strategy on a regional level.

Honor will explore what U.S. consumers want and adapt products and strategy each step of the way. Honor Beta is one big step in preparing to lead the unlocked smartphone market of tomorrow.

This is not the first time we're seeing a program like this from a Chinese manufacturer with nascent presence in the U.S. ZTE has been giving a small number of customers access to early builds of its software, and even Honor itself has offered a few software betas of its own for products like the Honor 5X, Honor 6X and Honor 8. Applicants to this program must live in the U.S. and be native English speakers.

Interested? Head to Honor's Facebook page to sign up

Honor 8


Honor 8

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