Honeycomb port coming to Dell Streak

Are you a Dell Streak owner who is rather bored with the current state of your lil' tablet? Well, it looks as though you may soon be able to toss a little Honeycomb into the mix. Yes, much like the Nook Color the Dell Streak now has a port of Honeycomb in the works for it. It is only fair to note though, the port is not complete as of yet. No downloads are available but the fact it is being worked on by Stephen Hyde, who has created the StreakDroid ROMS gives us hope it will see release at some point. [Modaco via Android Central Forums]

  • This is great for anyone with a Dell Streak! I love Honeycomb on the NC!
  • I just hopes this means that we'll soon get ports for other (semi) popular tablets like the Vega.
  • I Can't frigging wait. HC is amazing and it will turn my beautifully sleek pocket tab-phone into a proper tab like it deserves. Hope Dell / o2 release a proper version of it!..