Honeycomb 3.1 update for LG G-Slate to start pushing Aug 8 or 9 says LG

If you're patiently waiting for an update for your LG G-Slate, we've got good news.  According to a moderator at the official LG community forums, the Honeycomb 3.1 update for the G-Slate should start pushing out as early as Aug 8.  Carrier versions should follow soon thereafter, with Docomo in Japan already having scheduled their update to start Aug 10.  Of course things can change, and we're only sure once it actually happens.  We have no word when T-mobile is to begin sending out any update for their version, but have reached out to them asking for any information they can share.  We'll let you know what, if anything, they have to say.

Source: LG ForumsThanks, Caleb!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Did anyone even buy one of these? I think this probably sold less than the Xoom did.
  • I am surprised to see this. I'm definitely looking forward to it though.
  • Cheers for the underdog! :)
  • 3.1? Aren't the other tablets starting to get 3.2? LG must want to be the next Samsung with updates lol
  • Damn LG, it's about time! I've been waiting for this!!!! :)
  • LG's hit on the nose with their 3D technology :)
  • LG is definitely the under dog, but our fans are delighted to see LG's efforts! For tons of related content that are fun and hopefully helpful, give us a follow on twitter (@advancedtechkr) or visit the Facebook (facebook.com/advancedtechKOR) and blog!! I'm not trying to spam or promote for my betterment, this project is strictly non-profit and we just want more people to have fun content! (www.advancedtechnologykorea.com)
  • I haven't gotten any updates yet on mine...