Hisense H65 series TV review: A cheap 75-inch Android TV that's almost perfect

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Bottom line: The Hisense H65 may not have all the flash as Samsung, Sony, or LG televisions, but that's perfectly fine. The combination of a great 4K HDR picture, along with Dolby Vision and the inclusion of Android TV makes for an excellent experience overall. The software even has some tricks to enhance your viewing without you needing to reach for the over-sized remote.


  • +

    HDR and Dolby Vision support

  • +

    Android TV built-in

  • +

    Excellent 4K picture quality

  • +

    Bluetooth audio is extremely convenient

  • +

    Ultra-slim bezels


  • -

    Google Assistant can only be activated through remote

  • -

    Included remote is rather large

  • -

    Larger models can get expensive

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Ever since moving into my new apartment, I have been on the hunt for a new television to grace my living room. There have been the usual suspects, including Samsung and Sony, but Hisense is a brand that I've seen in my local Best Buy and it seemed like a pretty solid option.

Before continuing, there's a major feature of the Hisense H65 that I had never experienced before — Android TV. For someone who has written about Android for years, there just has not been much of a desire to use an Android TV when my Chromecast makes it easy to cast whatever I want. But, it was one criteria I was looking for on the hunt for a new television because I've grown tired of Amazon's Fire TV interface.

Bringing it back to the H65, this is a TV that checks almost all the boxes you could want, with a few caveats. Truth be told, even with the shortcomings, the Hisense H65 could very easily mix it up with the other best Android TV options out there.

Hisense H65 Series: What I like

Hisense H65G Series TV Mandalorian Episode

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

To get the elephant out of the room, the size of this H65G being reviewed is the 75-inch model. However, Hisense does have smaller models, ranging from as small as 43-inches and going all the way up to 85-inches. Thankfully, there's one wall in my apartment that is the perfect size for the H65G to be nestled against, although it does take up quite a bit of space.

So what are you getting from the H65G Series of televisions? 4K resolution is onboard, complete with Dolby Vision HDR10 and DTS Virtual: X. This has been paired with Motion Rate 120 to help reduce lag, which is perfect for the upcoming launch of the next-gen Xbox Series X and Sony's PlayStation 5. All of these are specs that you would expect from just about any decent 4K TV in 2020, so they come as no surprise.

Hisense H65G Series Android TV Home Screen

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Android TV acts as the hub for all of your favorite streaming apps, and the interface is extremely easy to navigate after spending a few minutes. You can even dive into the Settings panel and remove some of those "suggested" sections that you won't ever actually use. The built-in Chromecast makes casting easier than ever, and just works after you have signed into with your Google account on the TV.

Okay, okay. Enough of the spec-jargon. The Hisense H65G offers an absolutely fantastic picture to look at. From watching my go-to Star Wars movies, to playing some Madden 21 on my trusty PS4 Pro, the H65G exceeded my expectations in almost every facet. One issue that I did come across was when the H65G tried to determine what kind of content was being shown.

There's an option to have the picture change automatically, in an effort to give you the best experience possible, even while you switch between the big game and TV show. The biggest frustration came while I was playing some sports games on the PS4 Pro, as the H65G would randomly switch from the normal mode to one designed for Sports and then back again. It's almost like if I was on a cutscene or in one of the menus, the TV would switch, and then it took a little while for the H65G to recognize that I was back to actually playing before switching it up.

Keeping with gaming for another moment, it's important to make note that the native refresh rate for Hisense's H65G is 60Hz and it uses the proprietary Motion Rate technology to try to make it look like 120Hz. So you won't get native 120Hz like the Hisense H9G Quantum, but I didn't come across any issues with stuttering on the soon-to-be-obsolete PS4 Pro.

Moving to the general design, it's obvious that Hisense knows what the people want from their televisions. You'll find slim bezels around the edges, easily accessible ports on the back, and a single remote to control everything. Installing the feet on the H65G can be a bit tricky, as they can easily be installed backwards, but that's for a reason. Hisense has multiple points-of-installation on the bottom to help accommodate those with TV stands that are smaller than the TV itself. So you won't necessarily need to just go out and buy a new TV stand, but it probably wouldn't hurt if you decide to go with the 75-inch behemoth. Or you could just use the VESA 400 x 300 mount if you would rather put this bad boy on the wall.

Looking at the back of the H65G, and you'll find a slew of ports that may be overwhelming and calming at the same time. I mean, it's awesome to not be hand-cuffed by not having enough ports for the devices you use. The H65G features three HDMI ports, two USB-A plugs, a 3.5mm headphone jack, an Ethernet jack, composite input ports, and even a single RF antenna port. There's almost no way that you would need to pick up an HDMI splitter if you decide on the H65G. Maybe an extra HDMI port would have been helpful, but if you're like me and don't have to rely on a physical Chromecast anymore, then that's a freed-up port right there.

Hisense H65G Series: What I don't like

Hisense H65G Series TV Remote

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

To be honest, outside of the remote, it was rather difficult trying to find something not to like about Hisense's H65G TV. But that remote is clunky, over-sized, and makes me want to use my phone to cast content instead of interacting with the built-in Android TV. Sure, the shortcut buttons at the bottom are useful, but half-the-time, I forget they are there and just find the app I'm looking for on the Home Screen anyways. But unless you plan on using your phone's built-in Google Assistant for everything, you'll need the remote.

That's because unlike the recently-reviewed H9G TV, the H65G is not equipped with hands-free Assistant. You'll have to press the Assistant button on the remote, say your request, and then wait. We're talking about a few seconds longer here or there, but having a hands-free Google Assistant would have been a game-changer for the H65G. More often than not, I found myself just pulling out my phone to put something on the big screen.

Hisense H65G Series: The competition

Hisense H9G

Source: Joe Maring / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Joe Maring / Android Central)

If you like everything that the H65G, but really want to future-proof yourself, we would really recommend checking out the Hisense H9G Quantum Series. It's got a gorgeous 4K display panel, 120Hz refresh rate, and even hands-free Google Assistant. You'll find the same frustrating remote experience, but at least you won't need to rely on it for getting Google to put something on to watch.

Those wanting to save a few bucks will definitely want to check out the Skyworth Q20300. This has the same Android TV built-in, but also comes with a 4K HDR panel with support for Dolby Vision. It's really a great combination at a much lower price.

With the upcoming next-gen consoles like the PS5 coming in the next few months, there is one other TV that you should consider. That's the Sony X900H, as this television is one of the best 4K Android TVs you can get and is geared towards gamers. There's a built-in Chromecast, AirPlay 2 support, and an upcoming software update will bring HDMI 2.1 support, so it will work perfectly with the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

Hisense H65G Series: Should you buy it?

Hisense H65G Series TV Mandalorian Title Screen

Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Andrew Myrick / Android Central)

Who it's for

  • If you want a great Android TV and Chromecast built-in experience
  • If you want a lot of choices in display sizes
  • If you want a fantastic 4K viewing experience
  • If you have a lot of devices to connect to the TV

Who it isn't for

  • If you want a hands-free Google Assistant experience
  • If you want the 120Hz native refresh rate
  • If you want a TV that has a more "up-to-date" remote

4 out of 5

Forgiving the qualms with the remote and the lack of hands-free Google Assistant, the Hisense H65G Series is a fantastic option for those who just want a great 4K HDR TV. Motion Rate gets the job done for most gamers, and you'll be able to experience all the hype around Android TV, without plugging something else in.

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