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Hey, that's a silver HTC Desire!

If you ever wondered what an HTC Desire looked like in silver, now you know. And it looks pretty awesome. The silver HTC Desire is much more eye-catching than the "urban brown" version and there's just something futuristic looking about the all silver device, isn't there? But as awesome as the silver HTC Desire looks, we're not sure we'd pick it over the traditional one, there's something appealing about that brownish/blackish undertone that we can't explain. What about you guys? Do you prefer silver or brown?

Hit the jump for more pictures of the silver HTC Desire!

[xda developers]

  • Looks sweet in silver...
  • It would look even better in my hand/pocket. :)
  • Why the red-ring on the brown one. I hope it's not on the retail version.
  • If you guys don't want it, please ship it to me. I'll be happy to give it a nice home. :-)
  • will we really see a silver version of htc desire??? never heard or read anything compareable to that before, so... will it come to market?
  • That is a nice looking phone. The Sprint Hero is grey so I'm hoping this is a sign the Desire will be coming to Sprint! This phone really looks to be the best Android phone yet.
  • I really don't get the appeal of silver electronics. Give me solid black please.
  • Agreed. If I ruled the world, all phones would be black.
  • Definitely the silver model. I like the clean look that the silver gives the phone.
  • Silver all the way! Classy & elegant, I'll love to rock it.
  • Looks great. Silver is ideal for these kind of devices, less prone to finger prints and more importantly, doesn't heat up as badly as with the darker colors if left out in the sun (direct or indirect).
  • Anyting about whether the silver model will be available in Germany?
  • I like the "urban brown" I don't know what it is about it either. I don't like the silver, not because its silver, but because i like the brown. I have a unibody macbook that the silver would probably match, but then again, I hate my macbook. Right now, its only use is being a wifi card for my 3 year old desktop running Win 7.
  • I really like the silver, however the backside of the brown one looks really good. Then again my Nexus One looks better than both.
  • Well my current phone is silver/black... my old Hero was silver too So I'm going to go with the brownish-black
  • Allready ordered mine in silver.
    Carrier free in Belgium will be out 9/04 here