Here's where you'll find the microSD card slot on the Moto X Play

Many of you will see the headline and think, "what on Earth is this guy talking about?" But you know what, the Moto X Play is the first phone in some time I've actually opened up the in-box documentation to figure something out. Because it's not obvious where the microSD card lives.

The front of the phone has a sticker on the screen that describes some key features, one of which is microSD support. So where the hell is the slot for it?

Oh, right, it's there. In the SIM card tray. On the back of the SIM card to be precise.

There's only one slot on the Moto X Play and it's along the top of the phone. There's also nothing to tell you what actually lives in that slot. And when you take the back off there's nothing at all. Enter the documentation.

I'm not ashamed to admit I scratched my head for a couple of minutes. But there it is. Pop the SIM tray tool in, pop out the tray, turn it over and when you're putting in your SIM card, throw a microSD in at the same time.

Who ever knew that stuff in the box was useful?

Richard Devine