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Following HTC's announcement regarding the availability of the HTC One M9, carriers have started announcing their own pricing. While HTC will be selling an unlocked model for $649, some still prefer to use an upgrade or pay over time through their carrier. If you are looking to get your hands on the HTC One M9 from your carrier before the April 10 in-store release, here's where you can do just that.


AT&T will begin accepting orders for the HTC One M9 on March 27. Available in the 32GB capacity, AT&T will offer the device in both the Gunmetal Grey as well as the Gold on Silver version. Any order placed before 2PM EST will ship the day they are ordered.

  • $199 with two-year agreement
  • $23.64 with AT&T Next 24 with $0 down (30 months)
  • $29.55 with AT&T Next 18 with $0 down (24 months)
  • $35.45 with AT&T Next 12 with $0 down (18 months)
  • $708.99 off contract

Order the HTC One M9 from AT&T


HTC will start accepting and shipping orders for off-contract and unlocked HTC One M9 phones starting on Friday, March 27. The phone will be available, as with other outlets, in only a 32GB capacity and HTC is expected to offer all available colors. Off-contract pricing from HTC is set at $649.00.

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Sprint will begin taking and shipping orders for the HTC One M9 beginning on March 27. Orders placed via phone, in-store or through Sprint's website will ship the same day they are ordered. The device will cost $20 a month with $0, or they are offering a 12 month lease for $30 a month which allows you to upgrade annually. Sprint is also offering a $50 savings on the Harman Kardon One wireless Bluetooth speaker when purchased with the One M9.

Order the HTC One M9 from Sprint


T-Mobile will begin taking orders at 6am PDT on March 27. Full retail pricing for the device on T-Mobile will be $649.92, or $27.08 over 24 months with $0 down. T-Mobile will be shipping orders as they are placed, which will likely have the phone at your door before they arrive in stores.

Order the HTC One M9 from T-Mobile


Verizon will begin taking orders on April 1, a few days after the rest of the carriers. With a new two-year contract it will run $199. On Verizon Edge you are looking at a payment of $24.99 for 24 months, or $599 full retail.

Order the HTC One M9 from Verizon

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