Here's how you can save an extra $150 on the Google Pixel 3

We're big fans of the Google Pixel 3 here at Android Central, and while we highly recommend buying the phone for yourself if you have the means to, we also understand that spending at least $799 on a new phone isn't realistic for a lot of folks.

The Google Store is running a sale right now to make the Pixel 3 series a bit easier on your wallet, with the regular Pixel 3 going for just $699 and the larger 3 XL selling for $749. That's $100 and $150 off each phone, respectively.

That discount is applied automatically, but at the checkout page, but you can also choose to enter one of the below promo codes instead. You'll get the same $100 or $150 discount, plus the person whose code you use will score $100 to spend on the Google Store for themselves. Also, even though the current Google Store discounts expire on December 22, the promo codes are good through December 31.

A lot of the AC forum members have been sharing their codes for other people to use. Here are a few that have already been shared:

Here's a couple more codes B-3ICYNA48NAXTAL5EJ37FT9H for pixel 3 B-3I41DSDE3GRDYUPZHXE7OFI for the 3xl


Pixel 3 Promo code: B-L0622QTF9BDSRTBBS4HC5WYPixel 3 XL Promo code: B-L0EUGB0UWSBTZN412X9PEYN


Here is mine, $100 off on Pixel 3 and $150 off on Pixel 3 XL. Pixel 3 Promo code: B-K9HIOHGXOR8TDL8NEYILQEX Pixel 3 XL Promo code: B-K9RSRJRN0PPFLE0AKPNL97O


Here's some more if anyone needs them. Pixel 3 Promo code: B-05DFH9RK33YZH3FPCJ8JH40 Pixel 3 XL Promo code: B-05HBEQ28BHXP6AXLHHOMIZL


If none of those work for you, feel free to try mine as well!

  • Pixel 3 promo code: B-PRAEX9GTM3P06ZF91OR388L
  • Pixel 3 XL promo code: B-PRUDGN00R6MGW2PY9Q61JZK

Have a code of your own that you want to offer to someone?

Share your code in the forums!

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  • How do you find your referral code? Or is this US only?
  • Just enter the code at checkout, valid through Jan 1st, 2019. Pixel 3 promo code: B-4WA6S3SNJH7EH904EBKL3NX
    Pixel 3 XL promo code: B-4WDSACZ2276Q7CYX3BHJBO5
  • The promo codes don't work on top of the $150 google is giving at the store already. Trying to apply the codes in checkout the message is : "You can only use one code per order. Codes cannot be combined with other promotions. " Happy to wrong about this if I am missing something here!
  • Hey Rinkeedink -- You're right about that one. I've updated the article accordingly to account for that. Sucks you can't stack the discounts, but the promo codes do have the benefit of lasting through Dec. 31 whereas the current Google Store discounts are done on the 22nd. Thanks for the catch!
  • You also need to update the title and take out the misleading "an extra" part...
  • Here's a couple more Pixel 3 Promo code: 
    3 XL Promo code: 
  • Here's $100 off Pixel 3: B-RGKHCDILFSNBU5Z4M7N9RM4 Here's $150 off Pixel 3 XL: B-RGTI4F22ZC8T7CADPLGRBVD Please say thanks if you use either of these!
  • Pixel 3 $100 off:
    Pixel 3 XL $150 off:
  • How is this an "extra" $150 if the discount cannot be stacked with the discount offered by Google? Please fix the title of your post to be accurate and not misleading.
  • Pixel 3 Promo code:
    B-H063RGF6S7378J2YJLEMKGV Pixel 3 XL Promo code:
  • Here is some more codes Pixel 3 Promo code:
    Pixel 3 XL Promo code:
  • Additional codes: Pixel 3 Promo code: 
    B-04DENPCF0J1PTSDR5O8RG71 Pixel 3 XL Promo code: 
  • Hey everyone. I took advantage and got me and the wife pixel 3xl's!
    Here is my codes if interested.
    Had to save for pixel stands and this can help us get there.
    Pixel 3 Promo code: 
    Pixel 3 XL Promo code: 
  • 📢📢 Enjoy the season and new codes are here:
    Pixel 3 Promo code:
    Pixel 3 XL Promo code:
  • Pixel 3 Promo code:
    B-P7EX7NZK187UZUZSD8FOQNP Pixel 3 XL Promo code:
  • Pixel 3 Promo code: 
    B-L0622QTF9BDSRTBBS4HC5WY Pixel 3 XL Promo code: 
  • Did anyone get there $100 for someone using there code??