Thanks to prolific leaker, Evan Blass, you now know exactly what the LG G6 will look like. As predicted, it's got tiny bezels, two cameras, presumably of different focal lengths, and a fingerprint sensor on the back. That's what we can see in this render.

Aside from that, we've learned that the phone will have a 2:1/18:9 aspect ratio, along with waterproofing, (unfortunately) a Snapdragon 821 processor, and perhaps a larger battery than the 2800mAh cell on the G5 because... drum roll please it's sealed in.

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Now that the full picture of the LG G6 is coming into focus, are you more or less excited than before? And what would it take for you to pick one up over a Galaxy S8, which is presumably coming just a month later with a considerable faster processor and similarly slim bezels.



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