Here's every bit of the LG G6 prior to the announcement

Thanks to prolific leaker, Evan Blass, you now know exactly what the LG G6 will look like. As predicted, it's got tiny bezels, two cameras, presumably of different focal lengths, and a fingerprint sensor on the back. That's what we can see in this render.

Aside from that, we've learned that the phone will have a 2:1/18:9 aspect ratio, along with waterproofing, (unfortunately) a Snapdragon 821 processor, and perhaps a larger battery than the 2800mAh cell on the G5 because... drum roll please it's sealed in.

Now that the full picture of the LG G6 is coming into focus, are you more or less excited than before? And what would it take for you to pick one up over a Galaxy S8, which is presumably coming just a month later with a considerable faster processor and similarly slim bezels.

Daniel Bader

Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • I'm not sure I love these 18:9 2:1 aspect ratios of both this and the S8/S8+. I guess I'll have to see it in person. Overall, outside of the processor, if they include the DAC, this could be promising.
  • You dont even notice it Seemless integration
  • Good to know. Is the screen still LCD?
  • I dont think i can comment on that until monday unfortuantely.
  • Love the small bezels - not so sure about the rounded corners of the screen, though.
  • It looks clean.
    Theres nobweird "black corners" i felt the same way at first.
    Very well done.
  • Love the screen but what are the overall dimensions? I'm worried it's' going to be too big.
  • Feels quite small actually.
  • I've seen that its practically the same size as the LG G5 and that has a 5.3 inch display
  • Netflix has moved on to 2:1 or 1.85:1 (not only movies but also "Netflix originals"), my 4k/1080p screens are getting black banners now. I don't know why they made this move, virtually all TVs in the market are 16:9
  • Sealed in Battery, better for me rather than removable. I don't walk with spare battery, that's why Powerbanks are for.
  • External batteries: Heavy. You still have to wait for the device to charge. Swappable battery: Light and compact. Go from 0 to 100% in about a minute. When the battery wears out you can buy a new one and usually by then for not much money. No contest. I will not get a sealed-battery device unless there is no longer an option.
  • Well prepare yourself. Soon it won't be
  • agreed... and a phone can eeeeeeasily have both a removable battery and also be waterproof. Removal batteries are obviously better in every single way. It just means making the phone waterproof takes a little bit more effort, but not difficult.
  • How large a segment of smartphone users actually pay for and carry around an extra battery?
  • Not sure how a powerbank is a better solution? In any case it shouldn't have to be a matter of either/or, a removable battery doesn't prevent you using a powerbank but a sealed battery does stop you using a replacement battery. Keep the removable battery and everyone is happy surely? To clarify I was, until this year, one of those people who wouldn't buy a phone without a removable battery. However I got a Xiaomi Mi Mix (on the basis that giving up that one feature was worth it looking at the bigger picture) and I'd say to others in a similar situation it's worth doing IF the phone has a big enough battery. The battery life on the Mix means I don't need to think about charging during the day whatever I do but I think a smaller sized battery I'd still want a spare battery.
  • Spare battery is way better, 0 to 100% less than a minute. But no one has developed a phone with the full potential of removable battery. All we need is a phone with a small internal battery that can last for 5 min, so when your phone goes out of juice, you can swap the battery without powering off. The LG G5 design is perfect for this, if I was the president/CEO of LG, I would go in this direction with the G6.
  • Im loving the shape and size of my G6.
  • Might get this or wait for v30
  • Can you guys explain how aspect ratios change your experience using the phone?
  • The biggest thing i understood it would affect, is widescreen videos would no longer have the black bars on the top or bottom.
  • Not true. This will only be the case for 18:9 videos. Most widescreen videos are 16:9 and would end up with black bars on the sides. To recap: 16:9 video: black bars on the sides or stretched/cropped causing distortion
    3:2 video: even bigger black bars on the side than 16:9 or stretching/cropping
    18:9 video: no black bars For the two most common video aspect ratios better get used to black bars whereas 16:9 screens only have bars for one of the two.
  • See Scotts response. This is going to make there be more black boxes now.
  • Good
  • Is there another button under the volume rocker?
  • Nope, it seems like the power button is going to be on top.
  • Look at the picture of the back of the device, there's definitely something there
  • The powerbutton is on the back... Like almost every lg device. U can see it in the picture.
  • The only thing i see on the back guys are the Fingerprint scanner, two cameras and the Led flash. Are you seeing the same image that i see here??
  • The same finger print scanning rear button as the g5, v20 and stylo2...
  • The fingerprint scanner doubles as a pressable power button. Just like the G5.
  • I'm looking closely at G6 and S8+, but for me they are all getting fairly similar..... This time around price is going to play a big part... May even consider Ultra, V20 and Huawei after using my Note 4 for 2+ years. Some of these guys just may price me out of their brand.
  • V20 at tmo is basically half off right now.
  • bootloop or not to bootloop? That is the question.
  • Another phone that's going store be a disappointment for LG. If it's going to have a "flagship" and price it as such, it better have the latest and greatest.... SD835, maybe Karin 960 since 835 isn't available... 6 mb ram, minimum 3500 may battery with quick and wireless charging (and you removed the only advantage you had.. The removable battery) .
    Oh wait... I'm describing Samsung. Sorry LG, you aren't going to win the flagship wars this round.
  • 3500 mah battery... Hate spell check
  • When has LG won any rounds flagship wars? They are always second fiddle to Samsung.
  • And they'll always be same can be said for all the other Android phones
  • And ya know, lg doesnt explode.
  • They had that candy bar phone back in 2005 or something
  • After running the 3T for a month, I'm hooked. LG and Sammy don't interest me at all anymore, and they have been my brands of choice the last 4 years. No more. OnePlus 5? Giddy up.
  • OOh yeahhh, ONE PLUS is gaining ground man, my next phone might be the 6P or One Plus 3T.
    I can't imagine what the OnePus 4 will be damnnnnn.
  • They are skipping the 4 and going straight to the 5 from what I've read. Something about the #4 being bad luck in China. Grab a 3T my dude, I've seriously never been happier with a handset. Outstanding value.
  • Totally agree. Sweet phone.
  • Yea, the number 4 is also related to 'death' in Chinese/Japanese culture. Silly superstitious stuff like Westerners and the number 13. Would be more interested in OnePlus if they had larger screens.
  • The OnePlus would interest me more if they included an sd card slot and at least offered a QHD display, while 1080p saves battery life, it is one of the main areas they do not match up to flagship models.
  • Can u pls share with me the longest Screen on time u got? I am very interested in the 3T Thanks so much
  • This ^^^^
    And I have a Pixel XL and a v20.
    I actually like the OP3t better then both. In general.
    The Pixel camera is the best I've used however...
  • I think for the OnePlus 5, it's time to step it up to 1440p. Even if the phone hits $500, it's still less expensive than all the main flagship offerings from the big brands.
  • No keep 1080, I really like the screen as is and better battery life
  • Simple solution to that. Just keep your 3T :P
  • But no CMDA with any OnePlus devices; this restricts you to T-Mo and AT&T only.
  • So fly like a G6
  • I hope to god they don't play that song at the reveal.
  • The deal-breaker for me is the Snapdragon 821. Everything else looks good.
  • Same here. I'm not spending money on a new phone with last year's technology.
  • Last years technology?? are you serious?? this chipset is only 6 months old as far as consumer availability is concerned. We love to think we know how the SD835 will perform, but the fact and reality is, we don't know, we are letting the specs of this SD835 cloud our thinking, Software proves Hardware performance, how about we withhold judgement to see how this Chipset (SD821) and the SD835 REALLY perform when they meet a host (the host is that choice of Smartphone that has this SOC implanted).
  • It came out last year, right? Hence, last years technology. I personally won't upgrade to a phone that's not at least a SD835. I don't see the point in upgrading then. I already have a device with an 821. I'm sure the 835 will perform well.
  • We're insatiable.
  • Edit, I meant with an 820. But yes, we are lol
  • Yep. The 835 should be in devices at about the time that the next chip is announced😉.
  • Really nice looking device and the screen corners look cool...
    Roundr and Cornerfly are gonna be getting a few extra downloads...
  • Meh ....s8 plus pearl black please
  • Any significant difference between the V20 and the G6? The V20 has a removable battery so it wins the battery wars.
  • V20 is top of the line specs etc. The g6 is a more well rounded device for everyone
    Designed with reliability in mind. Water resist and wireless charging were added to g6.
  • V20 also comes with 64GB of storage built in vs. 32GB. With that being said, I don't know for sure how much storage the G6 will include.
  • 32gb + sd
  • Yup, this is going to be my next phone, barring really subpar real-world battery life. Looks like a winner to me.
  • Why does the G6 in this picture have stubble on the bottom?
  • Was poorly cropped from the press render that had a non white background
  • So basically all phones will look identical in the next year or so. Great.
  • Been like this for quite a bit. I know people slated the G5 but I've been impressed with it for the 6 months I've had it so far. The swappable parts are nothing to rave about but the phone it's self is second to none. only issue I have is the screen size coming from the lumia 950xl but the G6 should fix this for me. looking forward to seeing more of the g6
  • I don't get why people are unhappy about the SD821. There's 1 phone with it so far. It's the latest and best. I bet Samsung's phones are gonna overheat or have some sort of a problem because they rushed the 835 out.
  • 2 actually that I know of. The pixel and the 3T. Blazing fast chip.
  • I KNOW!! comments like those really leave me dumbfounded, because as soon as the SD835 is out, they're already working on the successor, and the SD840 (whatever it's name will be) comes out, you'll have people whining "if this Thang don't have da SD840, I ain't buying, ermugawh, I don't want last years Technology", it's the same stupid cycle. I feel like this is a sickness, just because a company boast about something on paper doesn't mean that's what it will always stand for once Reality comes in, Case in Point: SD810.
  • Just face it. There always has been and always will be a spec nerd segment to our community. The great thing about Android, is that those folks as well as everyone else has a device to suit their wants.
  • You and I think the same!
  • Preach!!!!
  • Right! Hopefully all these people crapping on the SD821 don't all buy S8s just to find out the SD835 behaves like the SD810.
  • If it behaved like the sd810, Samsung wouldn't use it. They're smarter than that. That's why the S6 didn't have it. They're manufacturing the chip, I'm sure it'll be good.
  • Really? Thebchief gets arrested for bribery.
    The most antixipated flagshipd device explodes.
    Later their recycling bay catches fire(old batteries)
    Their washers are being returned for "exploding" and they used a import company that went bankrupt... Theyre REAL smart.
  • Because people need something to b*tch about... Without knowing any real-world data, they'll just trash the chip that has already been proven in favor of one they think will blow this out of the water. And more so because it came out in November. The only real benefit I see vs the 835 is download speed. We're going to trash an SoC because of download speed? Amazing...
  • No swappable battery. Is there expandable memory?
  • Yes and water resist and wireless charging.
  • I would give LG another try if they would build a flagship device with a built-in stylus. Why is it that no other manufacturer has tried to compete with Samsung and their Note series?
  • The Stylo 2 as a flagship (Stylo 3)? Ya never know.
  • I have seen great renderings and specs.
  • I think this phone looks pretty nice. Looks much better in black than in all of those leaks in white. I don't think it'll pull me away from Samsung though. No MST, no buy. Plus I can't see upgrading from an SD820 to an SD821. On top of that, the battery is too small.
  • I've had the G4 since it launched, and even had TWO boot loops. I was ready for a new phone when the G5 came out and was so disappointed that I just held on to my G4 for another year, cracked screen and all. With that said, I am really excited about the G6. I often get asked by my Samesung and iFone friends why I even bother with LG. I feel like they're so close. They can do it. And I really don't like Samsung's UX. LG just have to get a couple key things right and they could have a big hit. And they seem the most willing to stick their necks out and try new things instead of steal old ideas from other mfgs. Sometimes those ideas just don't work out. I'll still keep my eye on the S8, but I'm leaning pretty heavily on the G6. I'm going to be the dork walking around blasting "Like a G6" from my G6. Because I can.
  • Absolutely agree, LG always tried to innovate about their flagship rather than steal idea. Remembered LG G2 with revolutionary power button at the back of the phone, many people and review judge and complaint about this move by LG. Yet, almost all flagship now leverage this idea with their power button or fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone.
  • Yeah, the Stylo/Stylus 3 is supposed to be out in 2 weeks.... for us that can't afford a BIG fancy fastest and greatest....
  • most important : dual sim or dual sim hybrid ?
  • OMG Robot Face on the back looks very nice , oh well I will buy if dual SIM and nice DAC ( use FIIO A5 portable amp) LG seems the only manufacturer were Wifi-Direct and Miracast Screensharing works perfectly. Levono Motorola has it in their manual and setting within the phone but without function. Don't know it this is even legal, advertisin something which not true?!
  • A great phone that no one will buy
  • Hm, I am interested testing it a couple of weeks then decide if I buy it. If it is single SIM , not interested. Is it hybrid dual sim or real dual sim?
  • I love 3:2....can't wait for the RIM Mercury to match my CB+
  • must least have 3500 mah battery
  • 3300
  • Too bad! My favorite LG features are gone. I really loved the back buttons and removable battery, but all good things must come to end.
  • It's unfortunate, but sometimes you just have to go where the market goes. And if you don't have waterproofing in 2017, you're not competing. Hopefully they'll surprise with a 3500 mAh battery to compensate for it.
  • You lost me on the sealed in battery. Sorry LG.
  • Love the look of it and the specs seem great. But I am pretty bummed about the battery losing its removability.
  • I could upgrade since I'm due with my G4 but a sealed battery.. I will look else where like the V20 or just wait for my G4 to die of boot loop then see what's new out.
  • The unveiling of the g6 is in a few days. Hope they have some surprises in store for us :)
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  • LG is manufactured cheaply and will not buy anything from them until they shift focus to quality control.
  • Could not help but respond to this.
    The LG V20 sports the best craftsmanship I have ever seen in a phone. Or any other electronic device, for that matter.
    The aluminum back cover is ... simply stated, amazing! Thin, strong, perfectly fitted.
    More than once I have removed to back just to marvel at the precision.
    Screen, performance, and the number of times stupid things happen on the phone, are best of breed. My first cell phone was a SAMSUNG The LG V20 is my latest. :)
  • If this is priced over 500 Canadian, I'm calling it a disaster for LG in Canada. They over priced the V20 and that things price is dropping every 3-4 weeks. Just an honest opinion. Posted via the Android Central App
  • no back buttons no removable battery no go
  • This LG phone along with other Android stones are only stepping stones to get to the real prize.... the Galaxy Note 8!
  • I have a V20 now....and I'll just wait for the V30